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Benny Sinder's War: Prologue


“Ginger, why is there a lockdown in Sector 14?” shouts a man in a lab coat, angrily.
Ginger looks at the multiple TV screens. “Sam, there has been an escape of a group of our test subjects,” said Ginger.
“Which group? How many? Are they still in the building?” asks Sam, with a hint of worry in his voice and running towards her direction. “It’s the rats. Sensors shows there are at least 10 of them and still in the building at Sector 14,” said Ginger, rolling herself to the phone. Her voice echoes in the hallways of Sectors 1-20 and outside the buildings, “Anyone near Sector 14, detain Sector 14. Detain Sector 14. All Sectors go to Lockdown.”
The San Juan Facility is located nearby a neighborhood, there in the Juarez Sector of Sarah Feller Woods. If news of this gets out, there would be a panic and an epidemic of infected people. The rats, shown on the sensors, have grown 3 times the normal size and more aggressive. If they ever got out, they would do more than just killing: they will also infect.
The facility has been chosen to test a new drug for a company to cure HIV/AIDS. They have been given a year to test it; and it only has been 3 ½ months since then. The drug has been tested on cats, birds, mice, rats, apes, monkeys. Even been using Death Row convicts. Each subject changed: each one has grown above normal, deep chested, turning either deathly pale or black, and aggressive. They’ve been telling the company of the drug that it doesn’t work, that they need to stop testing it, and shown them the studies. But the company threatened to go the government to ask them to bomb the Juarez Sector if there weren’t any improvements of these studies.
How have the rats managed to get this far, thought Sam, looking at the TV screens. Suddenly, the alarm went off and there are noises outside the door where Ginger and Sam are in and they look at the door. Sam and Ginger looks back at the screens and see in their sector of the facility, the subjects have managed to escape their cages and cells. The subjects are beyond recognizable.
A loud crash has startled Sam and Ginger. The creatures rush in, destroying everything in the room and killing the two scientists and eating their remains. These things, these creatures, have overtaken all the Sectors of the San Juan Facility. Now someone’s worst night has finally begun.


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