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Benny Sinder's War: Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Bourne picks up the phone but puts it down as he turns to look at Hiyozaki. “The line is out,” says Bourne. “No way. What is going on with this? Is it really something to deal with what we saw, is it?” asks Hiyozaki, sounding really surprised.
“I really do not know. I think the other subjects got to the phone companies and such. Can’t say for sure,” says Bourne, scratching his head. “We need to check out the servicing company, Bourne. I’m curious about what’s these things look like up close and alive. What kind of drug were they using?” says Hiyozaki, who seems to be thinking aloud and spaced.
“Hey, Hiyozaki. I’m the one who’s supposed to be spaced out and thinking like that since I hardly had the sleep. And too much coffee,” complains Bourne, playfully snapping his fingers in front of her face.
“That’s you. But get your fingers out of my face if you want to see them still attached to your hand,” says Hiyozaki.
“Oh, yeah, I keep forgetting that you’re a military brat,” says Bourne, quickly getting his hand on a file that appears to have interest him. “So that is Benny Sinder that you’re looking at, Bourne?” asks Hiyozaki, lifting an eyebrow tiredly as Bourne nods. “He’s a construction worker. He’s transforming as we know. Maybe you can test his blood if there’s anything…”
“There’s always something unusual. There’s no drug in his system. You saw the results: there isn’t a drug in his file that has been administered that could possibly cause this. There’s the infection,” said Hiyozaki, interrupting Bourne as she looks up at him with complete awe.
“What, Hiyozaki?”
“Maybe, just maybe,” she thought out loud.
“Maybe what?”
“Maybe, the infection is the drug. What drug causes the brain to swell that looks like 1) encephalitis or 2) meningitis; the eyes containing 1) conjunctivitis; 2) retinal detachment; and 3) cataracts and/or hyphema? There could be anything with the lungs, heart, liver, and/or skin making the chest cavity deep. I’ve noticed that the larynx is very different in the cat that was brought in than normal,” said Hiyozaki, still thinking on what else she might be missing.
“So you’re saying that the pharmaceutical company is making a drug to use in chemical warfare?”
Hiyozaki nods as she still thinks. “Thus making a sham clinical trial,” says Hiyozaki.
Bourne picks up the stack of files off of Hiyozaki’s desk and looks through it. “What are you looking for?” asks Hiyozaki. “The pharmaceutical company’s file. It has to be here somewhere. I want to take a look at the list of names that supports the drug,” explains Bourne, still searching through the pile.

Somewhere in the Middle East

“How did the test subjects get out?” asks a man behind a desk with his back turned toward the door looking out the window as some guards come in. “They seemed to have had someone to unlock the doors manually. We have several theories on who that might be but we don’t have the tapes to prove it,” said one of the guards. “Well, then I guess we’re going to have to warn their government about their breakout,” said the man.
The man picks up the phone when someone calls out, “But we already know about it, Al-la Rashmir. So I suppose you’re too late to warn us if it happened 5 days ago.”


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