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Benny Sinder's War: Chapter 4

Chapter 4

“Well, at least we know that the cat wasn’t drugged by the company. But why was he larger than his original size?” asks Dr. Bourne, while reading the results of the cat.

“I have a theory on that,” said Dr. Hiyozaki. She rewinds the cassette as she sipping her next cup of coffee. As Dr. Bourne waits for the theory, he throws away his cup into the pile of cups surrounding the trashcan.
“OK. Here it is,” said Hiyozaki, passing the recorder to Bourne.

Incident in the Green Spring Rd. Market

Most of everyone in the neighborhood is their shopping: college students; housewives; and late night co-workers doing quick shopping for dinner in the office, and everyone else in between.
A mother, dressed in a white t-shirt and blue jeans and white sneakers, in Aisle 3, with a smaller child in the basket and a slightly bigger and older, fussing child holding the loophole of the mother’s jeans getting cans of soup and the mother says, “Jeffery, please calm down. I know you’re hungry and tired but I’ve got to get the shopping down.” As she looks at the can of vegetable soup that she just picked up, she feels the boy loosen his grip on her loop.
“Jeffery,” she exclaims, looking up from the label, meeting a pair of red eyes in front of her. A fear grasps her voice for she couldn’t make any noise when the creature holds a dead child in its hands, blood squirting out of the limply body going onto the mother’s face. When a group of college students got to the aisle and looks at the creature, they made a terrible shrill. The mother wakes from what seems like a trance, looking for the youngest child only finding what’s left of both of her children and seeing she’s on the floor bleeding from below. She hasn’t noticed any pain but she looks up at the creature running off with a pair of blue jeaned legs with snickers.
She looks further onto herself, her eyes darkening, seeing that only half of her is on the floor. The group comes over to her, asking her questions while other people are calling police and the manager of the market. Her eyes darkened, fading from the light and the group of young faces peering into her face.
“That is an excellent theory. But how can you prove it?” asks Bourne, when he finished listening to recording. “I’m waiting for the information from the vet and the bills for whatever happened to the cat in the past to know for sure,” informs Hiyozaki, as she continues reading the files from the previous day.

Sinder at St. Mary’s

“Sondra,” said a course voice next to her. Sondra slowly looks at the face that has said her name. A terrible looking face that is beyond recognizable, with eyes glowing red but still black things in the middle. “Honey, how do I look?” he asks. Sondra is horrified of what her husband looks like and she begins to cry.
“Sweetie, what’s wrong? What has happened?” he asks, scared that he might have scared her too with something.
“I don’t know what’s happening to you, Benny. You’ve changed,” struggles Sondra through her crying and her gasping. She picks through her purse and she gets out a mirror and hands it to Benny.
Benny’s hands are no longer hands but something else like a hoof or a pad of some sort. Benny reaches for the mirror and notices his hand. Seeing this, he asks, “Can you be kind enough to hold the mirror for me please, Sondra?”
Sondra carefully holds the mirror over his face and he sees not himself but have something deadly, something that came out of his dreams from his childhood. “What’s happening to me?” asks Benny.

The Video Tape

There is a knock on the door; Hiyozaki jumps up in her sits at the sound. Bourne still sitting at the chair looking at the files with another cup of coffee, this time a different brand, “You needed the sleep.” Hiyozaki looks at the door to see who knocked. Kim is standing at the door with a large envelope in her hand. “When did that come in?” asks Hiyozaki, stretching. “Just about 5 minutes ago. But it’s the info on the facility, Hiyozaki,” says Kim, walking over to the doctor’s desk handing it to Hiyozaki.
Hiyozaki wheels the TV as she rips the envelop open and forces the cassette into the player. Bourne slides his chair beside the desk to watch the cassette.
When it started playing, the doctors sat back in their seats. “Oh my god! We need to call Cleo,” exclaims Bourne.


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