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Benny Sinder's War: Chapter 3

Chapter 3

So that’s when he called me, Hiyozaki thought, maybe there is a connection between the facility and the rest of the neighborhood. The facility is located outside of the neighborhood.
Hiyozaki goes to the facility’s files and information. She goes over it again as if she had missed something. She picks up the phone and quickly dials a number, “Dr. Bourne, come to my office immediately.”
An hour later, a doctor comes in. he looks very groggy from being awakened by Hiyozaki. “I hope you found something for my patients, Dr. Hiyozaki,” he said tiredly. She gives him a cup of coffee that she got from downstairs. “Two shots of double mocha and a cream of Hazelnut, Dr. Bourne,” states Hiyozaki, as if she knew what was on his mind. He takes the cup and slowly drinks it.
“So what seems to be so important of getting me to come here at 2 o’clock in the morning?” asks Dr. Bourne. “The facility nearby the neighborhood. It seems like they were testing a new drug from a pharmaceutical company called Ziyamoto. Heard of it?” asks Hiyozaki.
“Sure have. They are testing out the drug that will cure HIV/AIDS. So far, the facility that just broke apart the day before tested it for 3½ months. Do you think that this has to do with the patients?”
“Yes. But we need to replicate the drug to see if it really is the culprit to all of this. But somehow its not here. The formula is not with the reports that the police gave me.”
“Let me see that!” exclaims Dr. Bourne, thrusting a hand out to grab the files of the facility from Dr. Hiyozaki’s hands.

Docs’ Investigations

“Doctor Bourne wants someone from the lab get a dead cat from a patient’s yard?” asks a woman, who is talking on the phone. She sounds very angry, thought the residents in the lab, overhearing the woman is barking at whomever she’s talking to. Finally, she slams the phone down. She looks around and shouts, “Jonas, please come here.” A skinny man with thick black glasses comes into the lab.
“Yes, Doctor Hiyozaki?” he said softly.
“Jonas, I’ve gotten a call to get a cat from a patient’s yard. But someone I trust from here must get it,” said Doctor Hiyozaki. “Ok,” said Jonas slowly, wondering if she wants him to get the cat. The phone rings again and Hiyozaki picks up. “Ok, I’ll tell that to Jonas. Now bye,” said Hiyozaki, hanging up the phone and turning to Jonas once again. “You can find the cat wrapped in some newspaper on the edge of the grass. And mind you, it might be heavy, despite it being a neighborhood cat.”
Jonas nods and exits the lab. Hiyozaki wonders, why is there a cat involved with the San Juan Facility? There must be a reason or a connection to the patient. She leaves the lab immediately and enters the lounge. As she enters the lounge, she overhears the TV saying that there’s an investigation with the San Juan Facility. She turns to look at a picture on the TV of San Juan.
How a facility could be over-turned by creatures of the dead, Hiyozaki wonders again. But she thought again. The facility has been given clearance of a drug that needed to be tested, she thought. She quickly exits out of the lounge back into her lab and into her office. She plumps down into her chair, gets a notebook out of her desk, and grabs a pen. She motions the residents into her office. The residents come into her office asking, “What’s going on?”
“Ok, everyone. Give me ideas of why the patient is bitten by a neighborhood cat, why did the San Juan Facility get clearance of a drug, and what were the things they were using to test the drug,” orders Hiyozaki.
“The cat might’ve been in serious pain when the patient was trying to help,” said one resident. “Quite possibly, Kim. Anyone else has ideas?” asks Hiyozaki, writing it down. “Maybe because the patient did something to the cat,” said another. “Another good idea. But here’s another question on the list: how did the patient get sick so fast? Why is he here in the first place?” asks Hiyozaki again. “But that’s two questions,” said Kim.
Jonas comes into the office with a large box on the trolley. “This is the cat from the patient’s yard,” said Jonas.
“What?” said Hiyozaki, in amazement. Jonas sets the trolley next to her and Hiyozaki rips open the box. Inside, a creature lays all tangled within itself. “Jonas, are you sure this is the cat?” asks Hiyozaki. Jonas nods.
Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, thought Hiyozaki. “Ok. Take it into the lab. I want to know what’s going with the cat. I don’t know what’s going on but it doesn’t look like a cat,” she orders.
The cat has somehow changed: it’s black; hairless; extremely large in size; and it smells, thought the doctor. She writes down what she has seen. What would make this cat change?, she thought again. Her pager goes off and it’s Bourne. She orders, “Go help Jonas with the cat.” Everyone left her office and she calls Bourne.
“Hiyozaki, how’s it going?” asks Doctor Bourne.
“It’s not good. It’s about the cat.”
“Damn! It changed, didn’t it?”
“Looks like it. But I won’t know until I have the test results.”
“I knew it. The San Juan Facility has been breached. Its test subjects are scattered all over the place. The police are sending the information of what the facility was doing. I’ve got a few more patients who have the same thing as the first. But this time, they’re wounded badly.”
“OK. I’ll be down shortly,” said Hiyozaki, sighing.
She quickly goes to the stairs and rushes to the 2nd floor. Dr. Bourne was at the nurses’ station looking at a patient’s files as another patient is rolled into one of the quarantined rooms. “Wow, you’re looking rather busy. So where are my samples at?” asks Hiyozaki, sarcastically. “Ms. Grace, please give her the samples,” said Bourne, calmly without looking up from the file.
Hiyozaki was just amazed on how Bourne is calm in times like these. OK, he still has tricks up his sleeves, thought Hiyozaki. A nurse at the station hands Hiyozaki the samples.
Then a beeping sound coming from the hilt of Hiyozaki’s pager. Hiyozaki quickly looks at it and rushes back up to 4th floor. She rushes into the lab, slamming the inner side of the door against the wall, “What do you got for me?”
“So far, the wound on the cat has a few bits of claw embedded into the flesh. We’re still waiting for the results of the infection and the type of claw,” said Kim in the far corner, the only corner that’s not crowded, in the back.
“Troy, here’s the samples of the patients are that Dr. Bourne wants us to check out,” said Hiyozaki, handing the samples to one of the residents.
The sound of one of the printers comes alive. “Finally, results,” shouts Kim, who rolls to the printer.


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