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Benny Sinder's War: Chapter 2

Chapter 2

As soon as she turns off the recorder, Dr. Hiyozaki looks at the first patient’s, Benny Sinder, medical history as well as recent medical account. And also his account to what happened this morning when he woke up. It had been about 3 to 4 hours before he found the cat. Why didn’t he or the rest of the neighborhood hear the noise? There has been evidence of raccoons in the area passing through; and maybe with that in mind, the neighborhood including the patient thought the cat gotten into a fight with one of the raccoons.
The top of the page states “Patient’s Account:

6 AM

A man, dressed for work, comes out into the yard to get the newspaper that has been tossed that morning at 5:30 am. As he straightens up from grabbing the newspaper, he spots the cat lying on its side looking very dreadful. “Well, now. Picked another fight with one of the coons again, have we?” said the man, approaching the cat to see what wound the cat could have possibly has gotten during the night.
He picks up the cat and finds blood at the spot the cat had laid. The cat growled and looks at the man with red eyes and no pupils. “Wow, you’ve must’ve gained weight somehow,” said the man, wondering what’s wrong with the cat. The cat is still looking at him with the same gaze and the man puts the cat back down and gets the newspaper out of the bag and takes out a section. He opens it and picks the cat up again but this time the cat bites him on his right arm, not letting go.
The man feels the teeth sinking into his arm and yells, “Damn it, cat.” He wraps his left hand around the cat’s neck trying to get the cat off. But the cat still wouldn’t let go of his arm. So he snapped the cat’s neck, feeling the teeth both ripping and releasing the arm.
He puts the cat back down as a woman comes rushing out saying, “Honey, what happened? Are you ok?” He rolls his sleeve down to cover the bite, thinking: Damn, a simple bite; a bite that I don’t want to worry Sondra about; I’ll go to the hospital and call boss to tell him that I might not come in to work today.
“Yeah, honey. I’m fine. The cat was dying, so I eased his way. Don’t worry, honey,” he said, rolling down the other sleeve as he is turning to face Sondra. “Ok, Benny. Your coffee is ready,” said Sondra. Benny smiled and said, “Thank you, Mrs. Sinder. I’ll be right there.” He kisses her lips and she turns to go back inside the house. Benny turns towards the cat and put it in the section he got out earlier. He said a prayer for the cat and wraps the cat in the newspaper section as best as he could.
He puts the wrapped cat at the spot and turns to go inside the house. As he walks onto the porch, he looks around. The dish that held the food now looks dented. It wasn’t like that before, Benny thought. He goes inside to find that the TV is on and the news saying that something happened to the San Juan Facility yesterday afternoon.

He got the remote and turned off the TV. He walks into the kitchen and finds his cup of coffee. He looks at the clock in the kitchen and it says 6:25. He quickly drinks his coffee and yells, “Ok, honey. I’m heading out the door.” As he turns to the door, the room begins to spin. If I open the door, I’ll get some more fresh air to get rid of the dizziness, he thought. So he opens the door as soon as his wife appears behind him, he collapses.

So this clarifies things a bit, thought Hiyozaki, but how does the facility be connected to Benny Sinder and the neighborhood cat? He says that he saw the news of it. How connected is this? What are we getting into? What kind of trouble is there with the facility?

She flips to the next page on the account of those who have worked on him in the E.R. Things gets worse for Benny, she thought.

St. Mary’s Hospital

Benny is rushed inside the E.R. as the EMTs and doctors surround him. To Benny, everything is changing colors but to doctors, he is turning really pale and his eyes are pink, while his pupils shrinking. “Sondra, where is Sondra?” asks Benny. “I’m here, Benny,” said a voice above his head. “Is it me or is everything changing colors as autumn leaves?” he asks. “Jesus, Mary, and Joseph,” said someone else. Everything around him is fading and the light dimming. He feels tired and he closes his eyes and never thinking on opening them again.

So he sees colors as he was rushed into the E.R., thought Hiyozaki. I wonder what else happens to him up to Dr. Bourne calling for my assistance.


“Doctor, what’s wrong with my husband? Why haven’t you given him anything?” asks a woman at the side of a man who is on the bed.
“We don’t know what’s going on, Mrs. Sinder. We’re still running tests on him. We have something to give him ease the pain: Morphine.”
The doctor goes to the patient’s side to insert an IV into his right arm but looks disturbed about his arm, “Mrs. Sinder, do you have any pets at home?”
“No. There’s a neighborhood cat that always comes to our place,” she said, sniffling thinking about earlier that day. “That same cat was in our yard dead when I came out to see what the fuss was about. He said that something wrong with the cat and he broke his neck. Why?”
The doctor lifts up the arm for her to see: two puncture like holes, with the surrounding skin bruising. “Anything else happened?” asks the doctor, worrisome.
“He came back into the house to have his morning cup of coffee as always before he goes to work. He’s a construction worker. And when he was about to head out the door, he collapsed. He never said anything about those puncture wounds,” said Mrs. Sinder, with a look of confusion and worry.
“Mrs. Sinder, I have no clue what your husband has but this at least narrows down our ideas of what it could possibly be,” said the doctor, with confidence.
Mrs. Sinder nods. Her husband, Benny Sinder, had been brought into St. Mary’s Hospital that morning with a mysterious illness. And now no one knows if he’s going to survive it.
One of the nurses said, while picking up the phone, “Yes, Doctor Bourne.”
He doesn’t know what’s going on but he has a hunch on something concerning about yesterday afternoon.


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