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Benelli Slugs

After we'd looked that over, in the spirit of the 4th of the July that some gunplay was in order.
I asked Mike if it was ok.

In his enigmatic way he whispered away into the wilderness, then came back bringing a swing target I’d set up earlier. He’d mentioned that the old position it was in was in another’s land and would be better up the mountain way, shooting onto national forest.

Getting into the spirit of things BnB got out the glock 31, while I brought out the faithful Benelli M1.
Then it was time for some rip-roaring, boomsticking, gun play.

I even tried out one of the slugs I’d bought.


The target was small, but I managed to clout it through the outer ring at about 25 yards.
With a bead sight and stood up that’s not too bad.
I finished off with three blasts of No 4 birdshot and all three clouted home, the third one sending the entire target spinning up in the air :D

Then it was BnB’s turn.



He too hit home. His third shot missed, just going high, but with the ways of old-dog experience he explained that the third was a headshot.

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