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Being Fogie and going out...

Being fogies we feel like we tend to not go out. Not like when we ( 'scuse me, me and the wife; that we) were first dating. Though as I recall, there was a period of other indoor activity- never mind.

I, being rash and impulsive, saw yesterday an online ad for a show, jazz - which we're not huge fans of, but we sometimes like- happening last night so I texted, got the ok, and bought tickets for it.

Small venue, cheap, and off in some part of East L.A.-ish which is generally Mexican, the east-part, not white, but so what, it's music and Yelp said the venue was good. Goodgoodnotbad members the ad mentioned, twin brothers, maybe former members, performing as some other named group, so again, what the heck? We went.

We went to a cafe first, a few doors down, cocktails, "tapas-like" food the waitress explained: shared plates, which was fine, and delicious.

We had naturally, instinctively migrated to the fogie section, back' O' the bar, a red-brick narrow alley at the rear ( being a rear alley- though I guess an alley could be on a side, too) - pair of Milfs, one young'un each to one side of us ( at the next table); Kids all grown- now we just have dogs (yes, there with us ; beggars they were , but well behaved) at the table on the other side of us. Narrow alley, so a single row of tables...

I ordered something with rye and bitters ( it was too effin fruity- probably they thought I was a fruity for ordering it - 'closet' fruit.), drank the second half of hers, too. Lightweight=cheap date; easy lay... Look, one can dream, can't he? And crack bad jokes, can't he?

It was cool, the location. I admired the multiple parallel lines of shiny one inch-plus electrical conduit snaking up (sorry, not snaking: straight up) the surface of the brick, with their bent 'sweeper' turns, beautifully bent elbows, turning near the top, again multiple parallel shiny 'pipes' running the length of the building; high walls, red brick all. All that original conduit buried and abandoned inside that 1920's masonry veneer. Seems a shame, yet beautiful; ironic.

Yes, I was a little buzzed...

The dogs were well behaved, ( as I said, I think I said).They liked her better, naturally ( all dogs do). Winston ( though he was an American) was an American Bull dog, the owner explained, hence the gigantic head and shoulders ( the hierarchy of bulldog size being French-, English-, and American- ) The other was a little sausage- I can't remember her name. Perhaps it was 'Bloatie' ( 'Bloat' for short), or Toomuchpeoplefood.

We joked how we always have to do things bigger and better here in America, right? Biggest bullhead bulldogs ( just like our President, I quipped, which got some nervous looks as if *oops* - I had let one/ I must have dementia, and now no one wants to say anything...)
(...okay, I didn't say that- I just thought of it, only right now. Trump is the greatest entertainer right now and deserves his fucking star-)

So we drove to the show, the Jazz show, leaving our parking spot still with time in the meter, which, by the way, that parking spot took us 15 minutes to find in the first place, driving loops, and loops, and finally...

*ahem* Where was I?

Ah, yes, drove to the show, past the show, went around the show, looped the loop, outside the show, past it again, around the back again, too, ended up re-parking in the same lot, different spot after ten minutes of searching; went back to the show, this time on foot, and actually entered the show.

You see...Bien' from the 'burbs we complained some, not used to it, this no parking-spots thing, no field, neethur... pasture, er...holler.

The venue ( club?) was upstairs above a very 'cool' trendy bar/restaurant, just like the one we had jleft except this one was the food was Taiwanese/Chinese the Yelp had said... in fact, the whole damn neighborhood was a big trendy bar, (nearest I could tell), offspring of bourgeois everywhere, younger by far, swarming over the former hegemony ( is that right word? hegemites? 'Latinos inmigrantes', like trendy, fashionable oversized fleas on a chihuahua-dog's back. Maybe a larger dog, I don't know. Jamie Dornans with facial hair/pegged skinny legs ( socks/ no socks- I could never figure that fucking one out) and Gillian's ( or whatever her names)were everywhere. Okay, not ginger Gillian's, per se, but Gillian somethings, mostly white, but not only smattering of Asian, heels, unusual hairstyles ; young people not yet married. Trendy ( cause we're not). Come to think of it a lot of them trendies are technically 'Latino'. That's if you want labels. Too confusing for me...

We stared all around like we were at the zoo. Perhaps we were their zoo, too. Who knew? (New zoo.. Review). Still buzzed, maybe...

We we made it to about 10:30 ( I know...but we had a longish drive; work the next morning). Didn't actually get to see that Jazz group ( twin brothers, 2 of 'em; 2 total- does that make it a 'group'?).

The openers played original music, rockish , moody; something like Arcade Fire, vaguely. He ( lead singer) looked just like Jamie Dorn, with a baseball type cap on. There were keyboards and bass and drum and guitars...There was a lot of nerd in the audience, too, (perhaps too much introversion, or intelligence quotientt - it's hard to define), perhaps too much for the cool, but way cool in the nerdy world, I mean cool for nerds, you know, swaying, dancing, sort of. Okay , they were getting into tthe groove.

We stayed to one edge...
Anyway, it was all right. They could play, the band, while cannot. And that's allright.

Badbadnotgood was not playing, after, but two former member of that group were, and... we did not stay long enough to see them because we had to work the next day. I like Badbadnotgood; you should look 'em up ( YouTube)

Effin' Fogies, right? But it was a good time.

Oh...and last thing - a guy looked just like Aqualung- shaggy/ bearded/shirtless- loudly, and I mean very loudly- perhaps proudly- was there puking in the parking lot as we went by, back to our car.

Now that's life in the big city. Yee-haw.


We're going out to the Chinese restaurant that overlooks the shipyard across the sound tonight.
The family gag is this is the place where my sister-in-law brought her boyfriend, and he greeted the waitress with "Konichiwa!"
Makes us all feel like cultural sophisticates.

And later, it's a drive-in movie. 'Cuz that's the way us rednecks roll.

Seriously, sounds like you had a good time. It's all 'bout enjoying yerself.
Further foginess...
so, last night we were at Mil's for Sunday dinner. One of her high school friends was there and we playing sort-of home version of jeopardy/magic 8 ball, the magic 8 ball being the iPhone/Google .

The question was asked "Who was Barbara ( Blakeley)Sinatra also married to ( besides Frank)? Well, none of us except for the asker
( high school friend) knew and we looked it up.
Zeppo Marx. Now, I vaguely remembered him as being the sort of handsome straight man in at least one of the Marx Bros movie ( I don't recall what). Turns out he was funny, too.

From wiki:
Blakeley wrote in her book, Lady Blue Eyes, that Zeppo never made her convert to Judaism. Blakeley was of Methodist faith and said that Zeppo told her she became Jewish by "injection".

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