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Got of the train an went to cashpoint were a guy asked for three pound fifty to get home..I said no an he showed me his credit card and said I'm genuine...Been in city an be asked three times already..In buffet bar now eating all I want an I'm OK with that...


city career criminal gets out of prison and celebrates by putting 8 homeless people up in a hotel in the city centre...it made the front headlines..not sure what his motives are but eight people benefited briefly...
just been down to the beach and walked the library from there....never came across any beggars along the way
What's especially abominable is, that they just sit there on the street lifting their little cup, so IF you would want to donate, you'll have to bent down to their level.
They don't make the least effort to stand - or otherwise give you compensation for your money.
It's not an exchange of anything - it's pure exploitation of people's bad conscience about beeing better of.

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