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Got of the train an went to cashpoint were a guy asked for three pound fifty to get home..I said no an he showed me his credit card and said I'm genuine...Been in city an be asked three times already..In buffet bar now eating all I want an I'm OK with that...


A lot of people make a 9 to 5 living off of begging. Makes it ridiculously difficult to help those in actual need (although, one might say - with some truth to it - that those fake beggars, drug addicts, alcoholics, need help too, only a different kind).

The ones roaming the streets at night covered in blankets, with a shopping cart, scavenging through the trash for food and returnables. Those are the ones who wouldn't dare think about asking for somebody's money, and yet probably need help the most.
I give quid here an there but they seem to hustle you for it..The other day in the library sitting at computer a girl came along an asked everyone for thirty pence...All getting a bit
This is such a big deal for me and the best that i can do is walk away from the blog. No disrespect intended.
I don't ever give money--mostly because I don't tend to carry cash very often. Suburban life is like that. Also our panhandlers are on the medians at stoplights with cardboard signs.

I do give bottles of water or the like sometimes. I'm not heartless.
I won't give money either. There was a time when homeless nearly always meant drug/alcohol problem, but now it can happen to almost anyone. However, I wouldn't feel comfortable enabling someone's habit.
I do buy stuff from the bakery or coffee shop for people though. Yes, I know it could be argued that the money I'm saving them from spending could be spent on an addiction, but at least I'm not so directly responsible.
And yes, I've been both homeless and addicted (not at the same time, funnily enough), so I do know how it feels. That's why I sometimes wander into the nearby town centre late at night with a flask of soup and rolls. Most people seem to be scared of them, but I know the frightened children underneath. It should be noted that I might not be so easygoing if people were allowed to carry guns here.
Thing is Liverpool is the only place that you can appeal to stay in the country and the mayor went to the capital to tell them that thousands turn up here and while waiting for it all to go through they turn up at the council offices and present themselves as EU homless/refugees
Here in France we have Restaurants du Coeur/Restaurants of the Heart in every city etc., where needy can go for a hot meal and/or some clothes.
We also got those east european 'gangs' of beggars, where the beggars are stolen from their homes as very young, then deported to another country for begging.
They deliver their earnings to the boss in the evening - and was never given a passport. :-k
The beggars are going at it with babies/little children at their side to cause sympathy.
Once I walked around giving them apples, but they will not have such things, only money - and I understand, as I see they are not exactly thin, some would say: well fed :)
We're on our way to get them out, as we have enough beggars of our own - also tourists beggars, coming up from Spain, having used all their money - wanting some for their return tickets - mostly young ones though.

Yes right, whoever said it - look during the night into the corners where some lay with a blanket to cover them - those are the ones needing something.
I give more to buskers than beggars...one guy was doing this fantastic copy of a rembrant with pastels and when I had a conversation with him he was ever so posh..working class man put money in tub for middle class student..it all evens out hey
In Edinburgh there is a cafe that has opened that employs homeless people and provides them with everything they need to become hyginic to work. It gives them not only another chance but it teaches them life skills, gives them a wage, feeds them and also feeds other homeless people. They have a pay it forward so that people who can afford it can pay for a homeless person's meal. I think that this is a much better idea than just giving them money on the street.

In york the city center is full of homeless looking people that beg to make a living I used to feel sorry forbthem all and then I spoke to one who had a home but found it easier to sit and beg so I stopped giving but if a place opened up like the one in Edinburgh then I would happily pay it forward there.
Think there is one of those Cafe's here...Homeless looking people..I Deffo get that...Some have dogs and that makes me suspicious.....
Yeah there are a few of them in York as well, always makes me feel sorry for the dog (and I don't like dogs tbh) but the. I remember a dog will eat pretty much anything so at least the dog can eat whatever they find on the street but its still no life for them.
On one of those facebooky poppy-uppy things that did the rounds the other day, I read/watched a short video on suspended coffee. It's a scheme where people go into a coffee shop and buy a coffee or other drink or even meal that the staff will then serve to a homeless person. I thought it was a great idea, really simple, yet effective.

EDIT: sounds like what H. Brown was talking about...
never seen this before beggars in the local shopping centre near my ken....few on here know what it's like to be homeless.. I've been there but I always knew I had family back in Liverpool and that ain't the same as being homeless and having no family to turn to....
went the cashpoint last night and gave a young lad some money..he just reminded me of my son....sometomes this shit gets to you..
the mayor of liverpool has decided that the homeless or beggars in the city centre has gone to far and now he has decided that if you want to shop someone for letting dogs foul in the street you can get a years council tax if there is a successful prosecution..there is something about this man that tells me he is very much like trump in that pc is on it's way out..
How much is the fine for dog fouling? This could be quite profitable.
Shop a homeless person for their dog fouling. Pay their (£100?) fine and give the person another £100. The equivalent of poll tax for £200 - and a homeless person gets to eat for a while. Bargain!

Another money saving tip from Tightwads Anonymous.
yeah....that's one way of looking at it.......the dog walkers who pretend not to notice their dogs dropping one are so obvious and yet often i come across small bags left about..so they bag it walk on and just throw it in the street.....there are so many dogs around these days and it would be an earner....councils are looking for ways to bump up their budgets and tickets for this that and other seems to be the future....
the mayor has started boarding up places the street people doss and leave a mess.....i don't like it one bit and for all the ones that live from what they bum..well that's in every day life..even bankers bum of somebody...it's the homeless who are being shafted..a place to kip....i gave this lad £10 quid and i've given to him before and i asked could i take a picture because i wanted to paint him and he agreed..i deleted it as soon as becuse it just felt wrong to me.....
bumped into a lad i've known for years in the city centre..he works for an out reach project and does what he can for the homeless in the city..not a light guy to talk to but it's part of him..this guy would win the national lottery and give most of it away..you know the type...i mentioned to him about the young lad who i often come across in bold street....he knew him and how he came to have a face with two distinct scars running down it...not a story i would like to share and to be honest if you don't want to know don't ask..i wish i hadn't but now i know...you can't write this stuff but some people just get shafted all their lives and when they end up the way they do..most will never comprehend

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