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Beggars Banquret

I don't make a ton of money at my job, but I stick around 'cause it's generally low stress. I can get time off easily. so I took a few days off this week.
Before I left Friday, a co-worker left early. I was the only one left, so I yelled after him, "Are you leaving?'. He ignored me. I repeated. Finally, he stormed back around and screamed at me, "You're not my boss!" He vomited-out some more nonsensical grievances. I finally got sick of his butt-hurt nonsense, and screamed back, "Just get the F*** out of here!". Going back to work Thursday will be fun.

So, I decided to spruce-up the old truck a bit this weekend. It was super rusty when I bought it last year, and it needed a touch-up. So, I gathered my sandpaper, primer and Bondo, and got to work. The wheels were especially nasty, so much so I couldn't tell what the original color was. After stripping them down, it turns out that most 1978 F250's came with off-white wheels. Who knew? (If you web-search, every classic F250 has after market allow wheels). Anyway, the truck looks a lot better now. The white wheels kinda go with the red and silver / grey body.

After that I started to brew a batch of stout beer. It's a bit of work, but not only are the results delicious, I save a ton of money. I added a cup of brown sugar again, it gives the brew a more rich body. And, of course a teaspoon of enzyme to kick the yeast production into high gear. In the secondary ferment, I'll add a few cups of coffee. 'Mo bitter 'mo betta". Depending on the final taste, I may slip in a few shots of Kahlua prior to bottling. No reason... just because I can.
It's bubbling behind me in the office here. Sounds like a geothermal mud pot.

Also tested my new air rifle. I've gotten tired of the long drive to the range, the crowd, noise, and hot shell casings ejected down my shirt. The rifle is a .25 caliber break barrel. The larger pellets fly slower, and hit with a resounding THUD. But, overall the rifle is quieter because the pellets are subsonic (no "crack" from breaking the sound barrier). For a $99 rifle, it shot well. Reviews claimed it was difficult to pump (it was not) and that the scope was trashy (it was fine). I did have to put on my reading glasses to get a clear view in the scope... dammit. I shot the mid-weight pellets, and adjusted the scope so the rifle groups where you point it, which is always nice.
I have a spare sling in the garage which I'm going to mount on the rifle (the sling provides stability and support when shooting). I just need to go into town and buy a couple of sling swivels. Should be about $8.

I should start getting ready for tomorrow. Our favorite baseball team (SF Giants) is coming to Seattle to play the Mariners. They only come every three years, so we make a big deal out of it. My wife reserved an Airbnb condo above a bar two blocks from the balloark. My kids BF and GF are not baseball fans, so this is when we indoctrinate them. By the end of the week, those poor kids will be inundated with terms like Sac Bunt and Can of Corn.
Speaking of food, the trip to Seattle always involves some dining, fine and otherwise. My wife found a place in Sodo call "Biscuit Bitch". And they have the best food trucks lined-up outside of the stadium on Occidental Ave. Man, I should go work out now.

Well, if we get on TV at the park, I just hope we don't look like the unwashed redneck family that we are.
Eh. Who cares.


When I drink(rarely), I like a dark beer,
Guinness or Amstel Dark but adding
Kahlua....sounds delicious!
Post pictures of the truck when you get
a chance.
Brewing is great! My husband brews cider from frozen apple juice from the store. It tastes like piss, but he gets super excited about it and it saves money. He also brews other types of beer. Those are usually pretty good and when my drunk friend comes over and runs out of her supply- I hook her up with his tap.

We don't make a ton of cash in my house either, but we have enough for what we need.

My husband has been using an air rifle to shoot the chipmunks, but mainly he misses and the little critters are climbing all over the front porch. They are kinda cute, but they are pretty destructive to the house. I hate to order their extermination. We've been using poison and mouse traps for the mice in the garage. The daycare is very messy so they aren't allowed to eat outside any more. One of my kids is trying to eat all the time and gets food everywhere. Anyway, glad you have a new air rifle that is quiet and you are enjoying it.

Good that you can fix your own truck.

enjoy the baseball game.

Glad you are having a fantastic vacation!
TuesdayEve;bt13132 said:
When I drink(rarely), I like a dark beer,
Guinness or Amstel Dark but adding
Kahlua....sounds delicious!
Post pictures of the truck when you get
a chance.

Okay, but remember, this is a work truck, not a Pavement Princess:


Pavement Princess, that’s so funny.
I can see your touch ups...looks good.
It’s a working truck, paying his own way.

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