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Been a while...

I know that it has been a while since I last posted but everytime I get into the swing of posting something in life comes to knock my for six, hopefully now with this new job things may start to improve. Well here's hoping anyway.

I know that everyone has hard times so I don't like to dwell as life could always be worse.

Here is to a new start, a new beginning of a new chapter, has anyone else felt alone when in the company of others and if so how did you overcome this???


I make a point when I meet someone to find out about them, what they do, what they are involved in and what is going on in their lives. While many claim that they don't like answering personal questions I have never found this to be true when inquiring about someone when you ask how things are going. Wait for the answer and ask for more details, it works for me every time. I make friends in minutes, while standing in line or in any brief exchange. I ask simple questions about how are they doing, I ask about how things are going and then I just listen. There is a real shortage of people that actually care about what another thinks and what is going on in another's life. Be that guy and you will never be lonely nor without friends... Works for me anyway.
life can be a slog and a breeze..it's just finding that right balance..some will,some won't...so good luck
I think I am starting to get the balance down now guys, thank you for all your words they have helpped me to think and review, it is time I started thinking and taking care of myself for a change and doing what I love when I can, as the saying goes when life gives you lemons make lemonade, onwards and upwards now :)
things can always be worse than they are...I reckon..not easy to understand when your life is going down the pan..but speaking from experience the best way is to just think about yourself and try and let every on else take second place in your life...and that's another hard one to achieve....hope you get there for your sake

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