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Because rambling is fun-Moving forward

As I continue to browse and peruse this forum like a lost young child in a buried library, I only grow in wonder at each little piece I find. Now as I head toward another working night until the morning light, I'll be here for hours to come.

Posting a bit of things I've already done and some new bits has made me think. Not only about the kind of writer I want to be, but that others aren't bothered by the idea either. My family has never been very supportive of my creative side, to say the least. My father did calculus, which I don't even know if I've spelled right, and competitions, literally, to solve problems the fastest. A logical thinker in every definition of the word, my complete opposite. I have a single younger sibling, my brother. As the common situation is, we make fun of everything the other does. No support there.

But here I finally feel somewhere that can truly help. Others like me. Words fail me to explain my gratitude toward you all.
Tonight at work I'll have tons of thinking time as usual. I plan on writing for most of this time. I thought it a wonderful opportunity to blog a bit before I left.

My novel in the making has not even left the stages of creative design and world building. Most of my core ideas are in place and I have a great many details worked out.But something of the size I intend requires quite a bit of pre-writing. Or the world itself might be full of holes... I will say though it involves the loved Europa. A possible ice moon orbiting Jupiter. It will have science fiction and fantasy elements with quite a bit of romance as it develops. I wanted to make a nice balanced blend.

I've always been scared to take that step but now I have assurance that I'm not alone, and certainly not the first. You all have my thanks in advance.


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