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Because I just have to share... (or I can't shut up) How was your f-ing day, hmmm?:)

First entry:

Another day in fucking L.A. It’s a dreary beautiful gray day in drought-ridden L.A. and my morning drive was completely un-eventful. (read on…exciting hook) Yes, it poured last night, just enough to muck things up, but not enough to cause landslides or boulders as I drove through the lovely Santa Monicas via yet again, Topanga. I am still tripping on that place for multiple reasons that I could go on with, but another time.

Despite the wave of low pressure, upon reaching the coast highway the surf was down, conditions glassy. If only I hadn’t gotten married twenty-plus-years ago to someone not able or willing to support my habit, my surfing fantasies might have already played themselves out. Instead I simply dream about those glassy peaks as I zoom by chasing the ever illusive bacon.

Namaste and all that other grateful bullshit, but until I get my cup of coffee you can take it and shove it, you future worm-food, as that is all there is and will be.

Okay, I was just kidding: I love you and I love everyone, even the former cockroaches. Just tune me out as you normally would.


blog it maybe as a piece of non-fiction...it don't get any better for me....one of the most evocative writes i've read...blown away by it........
How can one "Like" this entry? :) I don't see the buttons...

EDIT: Never mind, found it :)
Hey ,or you could be out in the boondocks like me, a sheep and goat pasture at the end of the block and buzzards circling overhead. I've been to L.A. only once, but considering the housing costs we couldn't afford to live there. :drinkcoffee:
Wait a moment. I'm still waitin' on the hook. Wait it's me. I'm the worm (on the hook) - or possible the worm-food.

Time for a tossed salad, a mystery psychotropic from the goody drawer, and a mid-day nap. Hopefully in that order.

Seems you finally had a cuppa joe just before the last line.

Yes, you had me from 'uneventful' - helluva hook. :)

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