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Beauty as Illusion

I realize that this is one of those big ideas that 18 year olds think about and I probably have no business wasting peoples time writing about it- but as I am currently working in a job that leaves me with ample time to read and I guess think, so I started to think about this idea anyway. As I was driving to a class I am mandated to take by the state, I thought about the concept of beauty. We know that beauty is a fleeting thing; in faces, changes in the seasons, fashion, time wearing down the sculpted rock. This is why things are beautiful, because they are finite.

In thinking about the deeper meaning of life, we can't just live for beauty, we have to find a deeper meaning. There has to be something beyond the superficial- something that lets you transcend. But for many people, they never make it that far. Or do they? What do people think about this? It's kind of a cliche, but you can find some TRUTH in beauty as an illusion. In the moment, this X is beautiful. It won't last. The illusion of beauty just reflects the deeper TRUTH of things. We say WOW!, but if you search further, what will you find? This fleeting beauty is just a reflection or echo of the real thing, whatever that is.

I know I have to believe this to have hope and faith in God.


So true...

It comes and goes. At the beginning it feels so deep, though, like it's the only thing of it's kind. I've seen it on things and people. You can even hear beautiful things... Hell, I'm already a little misty-eyed thinking about some of the things in life I considered truly beautiful.

I've heard it said that without illusion, life is just effort. That the illusions we see reflect the desires we crave. The things we find beautiful- their beauty is a reflection of what we desire- consciously or unconsciously.

Either way, this thought of yours was beautiful. I appreciate it.
I'm extremely sloshed.

Sometimes I think beauty represents present reality. Sometimes, it represents the past. But yeah. Regardless it is ultimately important that we can transcend the finite.

Which is something I find extremely difficult.

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