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Beautiful Sunsets

The bosses' red Don't Walk emoji halts me
in mid- We are the champions - which I always find difficult, to hit that right note-
"We---!" - Is it one note/two notes? being that the artist is always driven to try to insert his own ego/make it his own. Always. Even when the tune is borrowed.

I go with two, and immediately see my mistake by the reaction of my fellow side-walkers, those around me- that that is not a good choice, so I add a plié, and then left/foot-forward, Hokey-pokey step ( to mix it up from the right) toe step that is- which is another error as I nearly fall on my face.

Damn wheelchair ramp. Don't people realize we performers need a flat, level surface?!

I catch myself in time though I'm nearly run over by a speeding Tesla.

Sunset Blvd. is a crazy place.

The light is green now, so I pirouette and step off the concrete onto the asphalt.

Asphalt is a very American term, unlike bitumen, or worse: Tarmac. I have heard, however, that our quality, the quality of our road construction, is much worse than that of Europe, being held only to five-year standard as opposed to fifty, so I will give them that. And Freddy Mercury, his voice and talent surpassing- well, anything I can currently think of- for now.

I've lost a shoe ( I notice as I cross the street). No matter, I will not look back. Rule number- something: the show must go on. Never let them see you sweat. No sudden moves, and act natural- "No time for loo-zers, cause we are the champions... my friends."



Loved, loved the "hokey-pokey step"

Brought to mind my very straight laced dad, age 86, doing the hokey-pokey enthusiastically at my nephew's wedding.
Burned in my brain, especially his backside.

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