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Bean Sprouts, Real Grass, Fake Grass

I don't cook much, but I make a wicked good Yakisoba.

Like most cooking, the key is fresh ingredients. Finding decent carrots and pea pods, not a problem. Canned water chestnuts, eh, that works. And I can cook and marinate ANY meat and make it succulent. Our local squirrels run at my approach.
The lynch-pin has turned out to be bean sprouts. The quality doesn't seem to vary much, it's the simple availability. It turns out some idiot(s) didn't clean them or cook them properly prior to consumption. Then, some opportunistic LieYar sues the grocery stores for selling unsafe foods. Guess what you can't find in most stores now?
Oh, I have my sources to get bean sprouts. If you PM me, I'll send you a 64 bit encrypted code detailing the procedure for procurement. The irony is, Seattle is the worst place to find sprouts. You don't get much more left of center than Seattle (props to San Fran and Austin). These people are the epitome of Subaru driving, Obama voting, BEAN SPROUT eating folks! Maybe the import them from China? I don't think I wanna know.

Whilst driving around Seattle looking for a grocery that sells bean sprouts, y'know what I pass? Dozens of places selling "medical Marijuana". The lawyers made sure that I can't have access to sprouts, yet there's a Pot Store on every corner? I don't think the lawyers ate Yakisoba in college, but I know what they smoked. Maybe I should just make brownies.

I'm in traffic. I ignore all the ridiculous "green medicine" co-ops, and look at the kids playing on their new field at the school. The field is that horrible, fake turf. Some eco-geniuses decided a while back that real grass was bad for the environment, and that kids should play on ground-up rubber tyres instead. The stuff looks and feels horrid, and on a Summer day smells like lube bay. Perhaps all the soil and fertilizer to plant grass is being utilized by the pot head crops?

Now I'm feeling light headed. I'm not sure if it's the fumes from the turf or the car in front of me.


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