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bad air day

It was a strange day morning. Something not right as soon as I stepped out the door. A breeze, a threatening of howling wind around me but the thing was the sky looked... blurry. There were particles.

The car radio told me why. Nothing nearby. The wind did not pick up, here, but there somewhere, and other farther places, it had.

It was a red-sky sundown. Trailer parks and wineries far to the north, the blood of ten burnt, their pigments oxidized, baked into the mixed plume of animals, yellow grass, grey brush, black of hardwood. We, of the hills, at the edge, know, and fear that angry vortex. Yellow, orange and red can jump a hundred feet in thick chaparral and make their own wind once started. Not us today, but a reminder. Our south sky of the Valley is sooted by something much closer but still far enough away. Today.


I have two sisters in Santa Rosa. It's been hell being up here in WA state, worried about them there.
Funny you mention "Wineries and trailer parks". That's why I left years ago. No room left for the middle class. But it gets me mad the way the news reports this. Like it's a bunch of rich folks with insurance that can just rebuild.
My one sister is in her 50's, and has to rent (it's so expensive to live there). She's a dental hygienist, and her boss may lose his office. They may both be outta work for a long time. My other sister cuts hair (cosmetologist), and she is having a real "bad hair day". It seems like no one want's a haircut when they're busy worrying that they are about to lose everything. She's already burned, losing a week's pay, so far.
But right. Wineries and trailer parks...

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