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I hate writing background for characters. It takes the fun out of writing because I always end up with boring bullet points without any soul. So I've decided instead of the dry, bullet-point style of background, I will instead write character sketches in story form. What the hell! It's not like there are rules for this sort of thing, and it's not like I'm on some sort of deadline.

One of my characters is a mysterious fellow called The Mechanic. Tonight I started off describing this character in a decidedly Douglas Adams-ish fashion:

"The Mechanic was not born. He was created in a time-space dark energy gravitational wavelength flux. In other words, the Universe burped, and out popped the Mechanic. Then, the Universe looked around in embarrassment and apologized to the Outer Void while wiping it's mouth.

"Undoubtedly there is a more thorough explanation for The Mechanic's sudden existence, but really, who has the time for it?"

Suddenly, I'm now more interested in The Mechanic than I was an hour ago.


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