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Back to work

I'm back cooking . . . I don't know how sad I am about it. What I do know is between work, toddler, hubby, house and mental yet loveable family, my writing has once again dropped to the bottom of the must-do list. Sometimes I feel like I'm never going to make something of myself. I feel like I'm going to be cooking meals for other people that I can't afford to eat myself for the rest of my life :( Just having a low moment. Blah.


These are sad musings from a funny girl. *hugs!* Hang in there, lady, I know what it's like where you are, I've been there and in a lot of ways I'm still there. Don't forget that one great thing about having a day job is that (especially for someone who writes humor) is that you can observe human interactions. Keep a notebook in your locker and write down anything funny or just that you want to remember for your writing on your breaks. There are trade-offs. You may not get a lot of writing time right now but if you keep an idea book you'll have a LOT of raw material by the time you DO have writing time. This job gives you an area of expertise, too, so that if you write a character with cooking in their background you can write them knowledgeably. Don't miss the opportunities for observation and the innate research that's happening right now. :)
Foxee is so right in what she says. I know it seems like you're stuck on a hamster wheel, just going and going and getting nowhere. But speaking from experience, that day will come when you look back and say where did the years go ? They passed in a blur of work, kids, school and everyday life of just trying to survive. But boy, they sure do give you lots of things to write about. Do hang in there, funnygirl, it will get better. :)

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