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Back to School, '19-'20

Well, it's that time of year that those of us with school-age kids love to hate. We love it because the rug-rats get outta our hair and into someone else's. We hate it because it's time to buy stuff.

In today's society, we're buying things for our kids that previous generation would never have thought of. Hand cleaner? Christ. That's what sinks were for.

But here's a recent addition: Backpack armour. With all these mass shootings, many people are considering up-armoring Junior before sending them to class. Are you one of them? Thinking about it?
I just thought I'd pass along a quick fact. Y'know that evil black rifle everyone hates? Backpack armour ain't stopping it. Lightweight "everyday" carry armour uses Kevlar fibers that only work against lower velocity rounds like from a pistol. Any rifle round will slice right through that soft plate you put in your kid's backpack.

I'm not trying to talk you out of it. If it helps you sleep better, go for it. I mean, there are a ton of pistols out there, and they are used in over 90% of all firearm-related crimes. But a seven pound Level III plate will stop almost anything. Unless the next crazy Incel has access to 30.06 aromur piercing ammo, or a .50 cal rifle.
If you want you kid to carry that much armour, the good news is you just integrated a fitness program into their daily routine. The bad news is you might wanna save money for future orthopedic therapy.

Speaking of health, my wife just went to Costco and bought a 24 pack of Kleenex boxes, and a 10 pack of Clorox wipes for her classroom. You probably know why. Yep, the schools ain't providing stuff like that. Don't be an arse, and expect your kid to be provided with everything. Stop whining about the school supply lists. We're all in this together. Ask you kid's teacher if there is anything that the class might need. For example, another thing my wife does is picks-up socks and coats from garage sales. Because kids are kids. And yes, my wife pays for that stuff out of her pocket, too.

And please, be an active participant in your child's education. It isn't "their job" (school staff) to teach your kids. You're the parent. Take responsibility and ownership of your child's life. School isn't a day care where your kid is housed, fed, and their behavioral deficiencies are solved. Nope. You send a messed-up kid, you're getting a messed-up kid back. We all know that the academic curriculum sucks today. Teaching third graders sex-ed and "duck and cover" drills takes resources away from basics like reading and writing. If you don't like the results of the current educational system, attend a PTA meeting, and be a PITA until you affect change. Don't whine and blame the teachers. Remember, you are the adult. Or, at least, you're supposed to be.

Now, let's roll:


It's very sad, isn't it? The developed world's only country that has to think about armor for little children going to school among the other things you've listed.

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