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Autumn...What Happened to You...?

Is it just me, or did I remember a time when autumn came and the trees would eventually be crowned with really bright and popping hues of yellows, crimsons, oranges, and ambers? Is it just me, or did I remember a time when you could smell autumn?

These days the autumn leaves looks so dingy and apathetic. All I smell is road tar. Autumn is my favorite time of the year, but man...what happened to it?


I'm glad I don't have this problem. Autumn is my favorite time of year too, and I find great amusement in my low-key pretentiousness when I use the word "autumn" in conversation. Literally everybody I know except for my friend Will says "Fall."

Here in Michigan it's not just the beautiful changing of the trees. We have haunted hay-rides. Apple cider. Freshly baked cinnamon-and-sugar donuts. All that good stuff.

But you have to live in the more rural, small-town part of Michigan to appreciate it. It's why I don't like the city. How can one appreciate the changing of leaves when there's hardly any trees? Or the smell of freshly harvested farm-fields? Or just about anything to do with the autumnal smell?

You can't. In the same way one couldn't appreciate snowboarding and skiing in the downtown of a big city. Or petrichor in spring and summer.
I totally get what you say about leaves looking dingy and apathetic. As August came to end the weather-people were forecasting the hottest September for over a decade. How people can make such predictions I don't know. Anyway, we have almost had September and, apart from the weekend just gone, I don't think that we've had one dry day. Rain rain and nothing but. Leaves that have been torn from their branches by gusting winds have turn to mush underfoot and it isn't pretty.
I don't know about smelling Autumn, It isn't cold enough for Autumn imo. Heavy morning dews, silvery spiders webs adorning tired brambles and days with watery blue skies and cold sunshine, and the rustling of crisp dry leaves as you walk are my idea of how Autumn ought to be. Right now the leaves that have fallen are like sodden discarded teabags. Maybe it's all come a bit early and October will put things right.

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