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Autumn Gold

  • I've been lamenting the absence of Swallows in the sky when maybe i was looking in the wrong places. Looking back to when i was a kid they seemed to be many around Farmyards where they'd nest in old farm buildings or under bridges that straddled rivers and streams.
    And you know what? I haven't even bothered to look up to see if those other small pointed winged black specks in the skies above us, the Martins and the Swifts, are still with us. It must be time for them to go if they haven't already gone.

    All i ever notice is the presence of those feral townie pigeons and that's only because i like Pigeon meat or rather used to. It's been a while since i last dined on Pigeon-Casserole.

    Next door my neighbour is picking long green beans from the vines. They must surely be getting a bit stringy now. Time for them to go also, maybe. He bought an Apple Tree a couple of years ago, some sort of miniature i think. It doesn't look as though it'll grow much taller and it's laden with huge rosie cheeked yellowing Apples. The wind-fallen litter the garden beneath and around the Tree and it begs the question, why the hell did he buy the damned thing if they don't eat apples? Or, at the very least, bake a pie even. But there you go.

    I get my Autumn gold in two and a half litre bottles. I wouldn't mind having a go at making that stuff. I think that if i ever have time on my hands, nothing else to do, i might give that a shot.

    Hues of Red, Yellow and Brown are starting to appear in the Trees and the hedge-rows, soon they'll be shedding their leaves. Images of the small Field Mouse frantically scurrying around. Gorging itself on the last few remaining berries and grains in readiness for the big sleep come to mind. The Blackberries seem, to me, to have gone over early this year, due to the incredibly hot spell we had earlier in the year perhaps.

    Bull-rushes; Or something very similar, have been popping up everywhere in the "in town" public gardens and landscaping. Curious.

    Y'know? As i sit here in perfect silence, just me and my Tinnitus, looking through the small peep-hole that a gap in the curtains affords me, feeling a kind of kinship with that Field Mouse, at the back-gardens outside. There's an eerie stillness. If there was the slightest movement in the air, those big green leaves on the runner bean-stalks would show it for sure and as i said that, they're now dancing to the tune of a morning breeze. Then, no sooner had i said that, they've reverted to their statuesque stillness.

    There really is, a very different feel to sunshine this time of year.Well yes i know i'm stating the obvious. There's a chill in the air but it's not cold outside and just a hint of moisture, an insidious dampness,Wow! Where did that come from? ( days when you hang the washing out but it just doesn't dry ) creeping into the bones of the old and the weary, of all that lives and breaths." Theyyy plough therrr fields and scaaatter... dum dee dum...lol". That brought a wry smile to my face. I take a swig of my Autumn-Gold and pause, for a moment of quiet contemplation. Life. Living. Dying. The cycle. Degeneration. And RE-generation. On. And on. Oh dear, maudlin-alert.

    At the foot of those runner-bean stalks the leaves are turning Yellow and still a few of those little red flowers remain in the upper reaches. The plant wants to grow but mother nature says no. Enough Green beans... Enough i say.

    I switch the Radio on and it feels like an assault, an attack on the senses and i'm resisting a temptation to turn it off.

    Silly'stupid DJs;
    Trying to be funny and amusing, wanting to engage. I don't get that. Just play the music damn it. Maybe i'm not supposed to "get that". I'm an old man. If i did "get that" people would be yelling at me to grow up. Not that people's opinions "matter" so very much. And so, we pick and chose. Rock 'n roll lol.
    He introduces a newbie by one John Newman. " Let us know what you think " he tells his listeners.
    Well, it fits the here and now. A yelling intro then boom'boom'boom but hey! I like it. It's foot-tappin stuff. Long live beat, and rhythm. Tap'tap'tap.

    Feeling ever so slightly inebriated, siesta time i reckon.


    Nap over, i'm being coaxed back to consciousness with a cool can of Pear and the radio plays pop.

    Jeez this things getting big and some chic on the radio yells "i don't care" boom 'boom'boom "i love it"..... Crashed her car into some bridge apparently.



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