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Autumn approaching:

I don't know what the temperature was last night but there's condensation on the windows and i've got the dehumidifiers on. I never did weather-proof our Larch-lap fence panels and it isn't going to happen now.
Old buddy Hawthorn hangs heavy with berries. My mother's garden flowers are beginning to look a bit sorry for themselves. The shutters are starting to fall and it's been a bad year for the Tomatoes apparently.
I'd like to get myself cleaned up and take a walk up town to my local One-stop. Buy a paper and maybe linger for a while, see what life offers. I might. I just might.
Meanwhile, i have a tray of savoury Potato wedges heating up in the oven, Taurus pear waiting to wash them down, and we shall see eh?

We've got pointless posts and now we have a pointless blog.


My wedges are cooked and i now have two helpings served up with Marrow-fat peas but the Taurus just couldn't/wouldn't wait. Instead of being given, or rather taking on, the joyous task of settling one of those servings of wedges and MFPs having been eaten, it has forced itself upon me and is now battling with my thoughts of getting of my backside and going out for a wander. It's a toughie.
It's actually not too bad a day. From the window of my small box-room i can see blue sky and sunshine although it is quite chilly out. We shall, see.

Taurus pear asks "why go out? What's the point? What is the f*****g point? You're not going to see anybody that you know because you don't know anybody". Fair comment.
"But, maybe, something."
Wishful thinking.
"Yeah right".
The biggest event, or rather non-event, of my summer has been the absence of the Swallow. Like the Cuckoo, i don't doubt that they have graced our shores and the home counties, but i haven't heard a Cuckoo this year and i haven't seen a Swallow.
Actually, although i have seen Swifts and House Martins there hasn't been so many. We are living through sad times peoples. Sad times.

Judging by the leaves on next door's runner-bean wigwams ( it's the only way i know how to describe them, with their little red flowers. ) the shadows are getting longer. That brisk breeze is getting brisker and the sunshine that wasn't so hot to begin with is becoming what i can only describe as watery. It's as though the batteries are fading some how. Well, that's Autumn i guess. A time of gathering in and to baton down those hatches.

Taurus was right of course.


your imagination is powerful man...mixed with reality it creates some cool writing....
Nothing I like better than to watch a group of them swifts zooming around. They're like tiny jet planes doing their hi-speed acrobatics. They seem to prefer the cliffs and I am so lucky as to have such near me. I would share a film but my cell is not sufficient. Love the little twitters they make, too.

Keep this (blog) up and at some point they're going to have to serialize it...perhaps for the radio... music or bird sound effects and of course, authentic speech. Dreadful thought, idnit? Dither the radio star..Heh... made myself laugh. Enjoyed all, thank you.
Just logged in and saw the notifications alert which always nice. Then i read your comments and i don't know what to say.
Thank you' thank you' thank you.
Un mille fois, ( not sure about spelling there ) thank you.

however i was feeling when i posted this doesn't happen very often. It's not something that i can just " do ". Oh dear that seems arrogant some how and i so do not mean it that way. Oh you know what i mean.

I might just come back to this but who would know? These thing do tend to disappear. We'll see.


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