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Autism speaks

I just got done educating a chatroom full of morons about an hour or so ago on Kongregate.com. The subject was autism, which i feel the world only claims to know a lot about. In truth they have all stereotyped my mental defect to a point i must rectify the false information out there.

To start, there is a common misconception that people are simply born autistic. the real truth is autism is as a result of a birth defect which resulted in brain injury. This can happen in many ways. Drinking and smoking chief among them second only to drug use. I won't attempt to list many of them other than oxygen deprivation, which happened to my cousin. the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck. Back then they had ultra sound and should have known what would have happened if they tried to simply push the baby out normally. So i completely blame the doctor and that was so long ago that guy is probably dead by now. It's just as well. The world has no place for barely educated doctors.....

During my conversation with the morons in Kongregate one of them did make a mention of autistic people having difficulty expressing emotion and are generally antisocial. To which i replied "Autistic people just don't give a F***". I expected a rebuttal, but after my display of my attitude towards their opinions and admitting i myself have aspergers they probably figured i was right about that. I think in higher functioning autistic people the anti social problem has a lot to do with other peoples attitudes towards them. Ranging from feeling helpless, to angry, or just plain old apathetic. Whichever of these antisocial feeling is more dominant would of course have a lot to do with their upbringing. There is a way to find a happy medium, but in today's world i just don't see it happening to often in average households.

I don't vote and claim undying hatred towards the american people. it's easy to understand why though. i barely remember anything about Clinton other than jokes, but George Bush Junior made a lasting impression on the whole world and not in a good way. After seeing him get re-elected my faith in a fair and honest world was shot. That's the era i grew up in. It was an era when it was acceptable to be anti-american.

Not all autistic people are brutal assholes, and i myself am not that way but today i'm in a foul mood and Kongregate likely has a lot to do with that. While i do recommend the site to any other gamer what i don't recommend is making friends on it. Most of them are trolls.

Additionally i have lead a interesting life, which is the polite and short version of how i feel about how my life played out. At a very young age with the shattered remains of what could be called sanity i had deduced that marriage was pointless, god was at best an apathetic moron and at worst a bully so i opted to believe he didn't exist at all, and both kids and adults i knew in school and my neighborhood were all flawed in their own way. I had no way of expressing any of these feelings back in those days, and even today writing it like this still doesn't accurately describe it.

How could i, a mentally disabled child, be in ANY way more intelligent then the fat ass father that pushed me because he didn't like that i was mad at his son for something, or the teacher who insisted on acting like a tough guy and stuck his chest out and bumped me, or any of my mothers boyfriends that barely worked, or the "regular ED" kids i knew who dropped out of school?..... ( that was sarcasm )

I suppose there would be no beauty in the world if everything was perfect. The imperfections of our world bring the better things to light and we cherish the good and deal with the bad. Still, i'd rather have not gone through it all. maybe i'll write a bit more in detail about this. My life would be an interesting story. i've been told i was one of the first children ever to have a shunt put in them. That itself would make an interesting first page in my life story.


I shouldn't write when i'm annoyed about stuff. This post sucks. I guess this is why i call myself a "wannabe writer"..... Oh well. At least i wrote something.
playerslayer666 , you complain about stereo types yet are guilty of doing the very same thing when talking about Kongregate.com You lumped every one together in your rant. You managed to get pissed off at all God fearing conservatives and Americans in general. Hey this is a blog, your place to be able to vent. it is ok to be pisssed, nothing wrong with that. You did something on the forum, you made an effort to educate. As an old guy I have learned you an never win an argument but you can convince someone to share your beliefs when you explain to them the details of your point. I am by all accounts the very person you can stand, Christian, Conservative, business owner, proud American. I have no desire to argue your beliefs only let you know there is another side than the one you stand on and it would appear mine is way more comfortable, based on your anger. No one knows what it is like to stand in your shoes except someone who has done so, I can not say I understand where your coming from that would be a lie, but always more than willing to listen..... hey you wrote something and you could put it away ,,, I was bored so thought I would respond...Bob
I have to say that though I've only met and talked to at least two Asberger people I really think I don't know diddle (diddley?) about it.

As far as what I see here you seem to be able to express yourself well enough (which is much better than most) to cause me to think that with a little sharpening of what you already know you should be able to express yourself quite well.

The question then becomes do you have anything to say? It is one I ask myself. I guess more precisely..do i have anything to say that others would find of interest? The best answer I can come up with is more or less to simply forget that and write in an authentic way, my way, trying not to simply regurgitate the imprinted words and phrases (which will come anyway) while writing something unique/possibly not heard before. Having the advantage of being somewhat damaged or distorted or some other crap in an undiagnosed way I have come up with a winning formula that sells millions. (ahht-humor...).

Tell your stories, do them with the best, most detailed, practiced, precise, concise, writing you can. Follow the rules, break the rules, but be real, be yourself, and then let the chips fall where they may. I would then expect to be loved, hated, ridiculed, and/or just plain-old ignored. Probably the last one.

And...good luck (not humor). We all could use some of that.

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