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Blog entries by Reynard

Has it been a year already? Boy time sure flies sometimes when you're busy. I need to get back into the swing of things and start contributing to the community again! "R"
I recently had to abandon a project lately, it broke my heart as I have poured years into it. But when I looked back to earlier parts of it, I could see that my writing had evolved and progressed to the point where I was disgusted with how badly they were written. In the end, I found that it was unsalvageable and decided to set it aside and start fresh. I'll move onto the next project and revisit this one at a later date. It’s a good feeling though. “R”
I've found that some of my most productive moments are when I'm sitting down to conduct some business. Not sure why, but I seem to get a lot done when I'm on the toilet. Maybe I should just have one installed in my office? "R"
I was working on a dificult part of a chapter yesterday and was making good headway, ideas came together and the words flowed onto the page. It felt great and I was getting excited to see it. However, I got up to do something, fully expecting to get back to it when I returned. When I got back and stood before the keyboard again, my mind filled with more ideas and directions to take it... I couldn't continue, all I could do was stare forelornly at the screen and the blinking line as it...
Why do people walk down the middle of the parking lot driving lanes? Seriously, I will never understand why people are so self absorbed that they don't realize that others have to wait for them. Damnit, I just lost a spot I was working towards... "R"