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Blog entries by Moe Lester

So a much more civilized dream last night..... I'm driving down a country dirt road to visit friends, a couple who live near a lake. I park my rusty pickup in front of their house and the dogs come running out, barking to greet me. I reach down and pet them, an old retriever and a mid-sized spotted mongrel. Dave walks out from the back yard. "Hey Dan, how was the ride up?" "Not bad, the road's in pretty good shape," I reply. He offers me a beer. We kick back on old wooden lawn...
So, a very odd dream last night I have to say. It started where I was working in an old warehouse with one of my former colleagues. We were just about to finish our shift and lock up when alarms started going off. Nobody else was in the building so we looked at each other and quickly ran downstairs. Downstairs led to my old living room from my old house, the door was opening and closing frantically by itself. I felt the need to go inside the room, no-body was there. I sat in an arm-chair in...
I was looking for a decent forum for writers. This was the first link I came across and I didn't need to look any further. I look forward to getting to know everyone. I am only a member of two other forums, one for Football (Soccer) and the other just a general one. At least on here though i know I will be talking to people similar to myself.