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Blog entries by Irwin

"If I looked like you, I'd kill myself," he said to his reflection in the mirror.
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you unless you don't like them in which case you can commit all sorts of evil acts unto them.
Woke up this morning feeling a bit under the weather unsure of what was wrong until I remembered the four margaritas I drank last night. DOH!
In my old frickin' age, where 40 year old women look like hot young babes, I try to be respectful towards others. I have my flaws, lord knows I do, so I don't expect perfection in others. (Of course, if someone is a white supremacist, they deserve to be treated badly, but that's another story.) It's just that there are so many assholes in the world, that it's turned me into a misanthrope, and I just don't feel like weeding through the crop to pick out the good ones. If only the novel...
What if, instead of the current broken system, we paid people to go to college, providing they performed adequately in their classes, and charged tuition for people to serve in the military. This would make sense if you look at return on investment (ROI). People with four year degrees contribute more to society than those without, while military veterans are often a drain on society. Just a thought. Now it's time for my nap. :)
I'm sorry, I was just being polite. If I had my preference, I wouldn't talk to you at all.
What? I ordered my product yesterday and it's not here yet? and another product won't be here until Tuesday! Why can't they just work harder? Or smarter. That's it: work smarter--not harder. I want my product now! Then again, it wouldn't be that big a deal if I had to wait a few days.
What are the consequences of sitting on your hands? Democracy doesn't just die in darkness; it dies on television with nobody doing anything. Enough of this. We can't just sit by and watch it happen. ~ Inspired by Elizabeth Warren
Hey, Adam Driver, The '70s called... they want their haircut back!
I'm not much of a fantasy reader or science fiction, for that matter. Reality is disturbing enough for me. Fantasy is just, like meh, that's nothing; Did you read the news today? Times are bad, but times are always bad according to the news media. But this is the first time in my lifetime that half the country believes the president is above the law. That would make him dictator. I need another drink.