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Blog entries by felixm

Dear Darkkin; When I wrote of "Rap loud and strong" I was in no way delimiting the genre into "the screaming, ear-shattering morass we have today". I heard some loud music which triggered some memories. That's what happened. There is a s88t load more to rap than that, but how would you know, since you avoid it? And Dylan? You like his creative genius but not his music? Again, I appreciate your technical advice, but on the cultural stuff, not so much.
Hi SAS I thought that no connection was made between me listening to rap at work 3 days ago and the hood of 1971. But it seems like everyone made the connection, and so I guess, what, either I'm a really bad writer, or people cannot read :)
Thanks very much. I thought that my line "took me back" would separate the rap I was listening to 3 days ago from 1971, but maybe I wasn't clear. Yes, the Black Panthers. Again, I realize that my cultural signs are recognizable to only a very few: their newspaper's(rag) motto was 'All The News That Fits'.