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there's aura everywhere
but i'm still out there
i pretend that i don't see
or it wasn't for me
but as always i wanted for me to be
i cry ,i try and ignore to care ,care to go
i'm in between fighting though
who knows ,helps me to find
that aura full of piece of mind
which they can steal here all time
like a circle in run time
i seek ,they steal
i ignore they give
i'm about to die which I feel
what to do
where to go
i feel everything is false
or revive my soul tonight
my body can't fly
due to it's overweight
soul is broken
heart is stolen
mind is fallin'
dreams are lost
i can't have a rest
what is last for me
to fight against life
or could make me survive
or i can make high five
i feel my age is increased
, my life is breezed
what's last is the air i'm breathing
even my throat is gone
nothing i could have ever known
but i'll pray to god on the night
may i have the strength to fight
or god guides me to the light


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