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At Your Service

As someone who performs in-home service for a living, here are some helpful suggestions to make our experience much, much more enjoyable.
(Note: I wish I was making this stuff up.)

If your house doesn't have a number on it, please tell us. We can eventually figure out which one is yours. But your neighbors get weired-out when we wander out front.
Also, if your house is not visible from the street, let us know. The alley access you always use may be obvious to you, but not to us.
If there is no parking anywhere near your house, it'd be good to know before we get there. Some folks even try to save us a spot. Just sayin'.
When I'm working in your house for hours, and it's getting so hot I'm sweating, it's OK to offer me a glass of water. And offering the use of your restroom would be appreciated. I promise to put the seat back down.
While I love your pets, YOU need to take care of them. I can't watch the door while I'm working. Move them to a part of the house I'm not in.
Don't lie if you're going to be late meeting me. I have other customers, and it's not fair to them to keep me waiting. Unless you're near a gravity well, five minutes is a pretty standard measure.
Don't name drop. I don't care if you play Canasta with the owner. I do a professional job for everyone. To insinuate that you need to intimidate me with who you know is insulting.
And finally, if there is a problem with the work, let me know before I leave. Don't call my boss and whine like a child, and then play the "I deserve a discount!" shtick. That's cheap and dishonest.

While there is much more, my fish tacos are ready. Thanks for reading.


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