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not far from were i live is a crematorium so one often see's hearses on the main road either coming or going but today i noticed a motorbike with a small sidecar that was designed to carry a coffin...in this was a wreath with the words ASBO written with blue and white flowers...in the UK.. ASBO means a court order for someone who is an asshole in general but the people in the cars and the bike rider were all middle aged so i'm thinking it might have been a knickname he picked up along the way...a few weeks back i was in a graveyard looking for a grave and i read one about a lad who was killed in 1975 and the image was of a bikerider riding of into the sunset...and underneath were names added over the years..his mum and dad..odd the way you connect with things that never concerned you...


I looked-up "ASBO", and the list of character defect "offences" that it covers.
Thanks for the heads-up. Now I have something to aspire to.
I like riding my bicycle around the cemetery in my hometown. I go up there every summer and just cruise around, wasting a Saturday, communing to some extent with the dead. Through the various names I recognize, the surprising people I actually knew but didn't know they'd passed, and the variety of decay in the headstones themselves, it provides a strange and wondrous view into the town's history. I like to think they appreciate my visits.

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