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Are you writing about a Solution or an Opportunity?

One of my more frequently used sayings/axioms regarding helping people, businesses, whatever is:

There are only 2 ways to conduct business:

Either you have something you don't want, or you want something you don't have.

The old school way of writing proposals was to "Fix Their Pain". So older sales people and even prospects are trying to zoom into the "pain points". But I vehemently disagree. There is tangible worth & value in creating opportunity from a situation as well.

And here is the interesting part-there doesn't need to be a problem. One can just have the desire to catch up with a competitor or their industry's trends. Instead of wanting a leaking pipe fixed, they want to replace the plumbing.

So having what you don't want might be seen simply as 'fixing a problem', while wanting something you don't have can be seen as 'creating a solution'. In one case, we want things back the way they were, but in the other we want to change the way we do things today.

How do you introduce forward thinking when your discussion is trying to be about fixing problems?


One part of business that has always defied logic is the ability to create a product that the consumer up until a few moments ago realized he could not live without it. I think any business that understands the human psyche and how to manipulate it can create demand for a product that really has no useful purpose. Maybe it is a sign of old age on my part but I don't have a clue as to why some of the things in todays market place are in such high demand
"I think any business that understands the human psyche and how to manipulate it can create demand for a product that really has no useful purpose."

Oh, and this lovely skill is not limited to business... Take a look at the political riots-I mean speeches-our new found dictator is hosting for our enjoyment! It's the 1960s, the Flavian Amphitheatre, and Sharia Law all rolled into one!

Politicians are paid by the taxpayers to tell the taxpayers that they are all lazy for getting sustenance from the taxpayers... And even then, at the slightest sign of having to work, they walk off the job...


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