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April's Accomplishments

Can't believe April is just about over! Where did the time go?

While I accomplished a good bit of writing, I didn't get to play with poetry as much as I'd wanted to for the month. I'm still working on one that I hope I can pop in tomorrow last minute. If not, I'll just post it here or in the poetry section. Having trouble ending the darn thing.

I finished the final draft of my young adult novel and have some idea of how I'm going to open the next in the series. I'd sort of wanted to do each one with Devynn telling the stories, but now I'm not so sure I will do it that way. I feel comfortable in her character, but I should get to know each one whose story I want to do. So I'm going to let Daveena tell her own story. She's Devynn's cousin - who was taken away from her mother by her grandparents when it seemed as though her mom was going to die from complications of the birth. Her dad was, at that point, MIA overseas. Her mom survives, but isn't able to find out where her baby is. Much more to that story which you find out about when Devynn reads her mother's diary.

I'm thinking that something is going to happen to Daveena's adoptive parents who by this time have had a couple kids of their own, and whose relatives won't want to be bothered with any of them, so they'll unload the lot of them on Daveena's birth parents. And Devynn will be there when it all goes down. Should be fun! I'm a seat of the pants type of writer, so we'll see what adventures the girls will have as they occur to me.

I have 430 pages of the next romance in my series done. Once I got past my hang up of what hospital to send the baby and her mother to, it all started to come together nicely.

While writing this one, I got to thinking I have the first two books numbered in the wrong order. That Joleigh-Anna's story should be Book One and Thomi's should be Book Two, even though it was written first. I also figured out why Joleigh's fiance acted as he did after Matty died, and so have to do some revisions there to bring that out.

The advice is, I'm sure you've heard, is to give away the first book to generate interest in the others. Since I had just the two at the time, and am not pumping out a novel every other week or month, I was reluctant to do that. Particularly when I'd termed Thomi Book One. Her story is much longer and more involved than Joleigh's. But--once I've finished the final draft of Stormi's story, I will offer Joleigh for free. Meantime, I am going to do a giveaway on Amazon for her in a week or so, once I've done the revision. Giveaways from Goodreads are too expensive. Can't figure out why I should pay to give my books away.

Discovered some YA beta readers on Twitter, but haven't contacted any yet. I know I should do it now since I need to start thinking about launching the book. I'm overwhelmed just thinking about it. How do you do that when you have no reader base? No list?

Didn't do a launch for any of the others. Just published to KDP and Draft2Digital and let it go at that. Now I have to learn to do it right--and I'm scared. But determined to give it a whirl. So, we'll see.

I also revised Ride 'Em Tough which I've since posted to in my original thread. Much happier with it. :)

Supposed to spend the day with friends tomorrow, so I won't be writing anything until evening. In the meantime, maybe an ending for my poem will pop into my head and I can post the thing before midnight.

I can only hope!
Good night all!


Are your books connected in one series, and that each book centers on a different character in that series? That's an awesome idea.
Yes, they are all connected and are centered around a different character - although there are many subplots going on as well, especially in the romances. Each subplot is a foreshadow of another story. But whether I'll write them all in separate novels remains to be seen. The story of Stormi's sister's romance will probably be told within the other books.

With the YA novels, maybe I'll branch out to write some stories about Devynn's best friends. Of course, she'll be right there with them!

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