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April 12, 1978.

A day which will live in insanity. Two people driving each other koo-koo for 40 years. Did I say she had a temper? One of the most memorable was one day she got pissed at me and tossed guacamole salad - hit me right in the chest. It was so ludicrous we both started laughing. To this day she still calls me "Guacamole
Boy." I really have been a good boy, I'm just frustrating
to live with. Then she has a habit of buying something
on sale for a project and 5 years later it isn't done.
To celebrate we're going to take a nap later. I
fixed her b-fast in bed. Of course, I woke up
2:00 am and fixed her an egg sandwich because
her blood sugar was too low.
What am I giving her? A fence in the front
yard (It's a long story). She's the one who
wanted it. Good times? I'll have to get back
to y'all on that.:-D


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