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Appreciation for WritingForums.com

Princesisto;2232465 said:
Yes, I agree. We should value this forum because so far I have found that it is different.

I have dumped many writers' sites for good reason. One or two, like writingforums.org, dumped me for no reason.

Many forum owners do not understand that they are selling (whether or not paid directly by members) a service to members. Members are not lucky to find their site: their site is lucky to get members. The members are not primary school students who need supervision and strict discipline. The managers of this forum seem to understand that difference and I feel I have received good service and personal care.

Another thing I like about this site is that, as much as I like Americans, many forums are all Americans: here I see British, Australian and other nationalities represented in visible places.

Also, this site doesn't give free members less and less service and privileges to try to push them to become paid members. This isn't a beggar site: there are several famous ones that are.

Yes, many forums are cliquy (is that a word?) or have hierarchies of members who dominate all activity and others who are mostly ignored. I have not seen that here.

Finally, while the site may not have as many bells and whistles as other site, the technology seems to work efficiently.

As a new member with about one week's experience here, I cannot dare pronounce on the site but I can say that, for me, having had a lot of experience at other sites, this one has created quite an impressive first impression.

May it continue!


I agree with you in that I do like this forum. I don't have a lot of experience with many other writer's sites because I have initially browsed many, signed up for quite a few and then exited quickly because they are too complicated to use, no clear cut instructions and quite frankly, I have better things to do with my valuable time (like writing) to try and figure out how to use their site. So, exit stage left and don't look back. This site is different. I do have to remind myself to re-review the rules until they sink in (I have memory issues) but Pip and Gumby, et al are being patient and I AM trying and I haven't gotten off to a complete immersion yet, as yes, I do have a lot of other things going on in my life. But I do like this site very much and I find it of value and worth my time exploring and I am looking forward to using it to further my writing skills. I do like that it is international and I am loving that in order to make meaningful contributions (which I do not normally do, but have decided to do for this site) the fees are very minimal and they are such a well organized and user-friendly interface that I want to (no, this is not a sales pitch, I just happened upon your post and am a new-be myself and wanted to write to you). I wish you the best on the forum and want to welcome you. Hope you have as much fun as I do. There is a haiku thread (if you are a poet, I am) that is fun, you write a haiku from the last line of the previous one. but if not a poet, so many other things to do. Have a great weekend.
...as much as I like Americans, many forums are all Americans: here I see British, Australian and other nationalities represented in visible places.

Diversity is the fuel for creativity.
Modern society herds us into self-segregated camps, with "our own kind". Here, I am challenged. In many different ways.
It's all respectful, and a learning process. Every day.

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