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I guess anxiety has always been a part of my life. I wouldn't know what to do without it. I suppose it could be interpreted as a tool of survival. The reason we carefully select who to trust and who to distrust, what we do in everyday life. My anxiety is a living breathing pulsating thing inside me and I feel it always.
Anxiety decides for me if I leave the apartment and if it is safe to do so. Anxiety sometimes allows me to make the daring choice to write this blog. Put my thoughts and feelings out into the world to be watched, dissected and pulled apart like one of the frogs in my childhood. Sometimes it's a big struggle to tell my anxiety. I am doing this, I am doing this right now. Impulsively push myself into whatever decision I've decided to favor like jumping into cold water. Once the decision is done its best not to think of every single drawback that might possibly happen. Best not to dwell. My mind is a white cloud.


You nailed it perfectly... anyone who has suffered anxiety and panic attacks will completely agree.... it is rough, and takes a tremendous amount of courage... every single day...
Thanks man. It's an everyday struggle to deal with my roommates Anxiety and Depression. Not to mention my roommates PTSD, Short Term Memory Loss, and ADD.
If you are so inclined, there is a thread in The Forums regarding mental health. Just a place to discuss issues and support one another.
It may feel like you are alone at times. But you are not.
I can attest to Winston's statement. You are not alone; dealt with issues pertaining to anxiety and depression myself.

EDIT: Also, thanks for sharing. ^_^
Thanks Smith xD I've been having a lot of bad dreams lately mostly about my Foster Mom whos been dead for ages now. I figured writing about it would help like a therapy of sorts xD

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