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Another "Get Off My Lawn" Rant

First off, I've been lean on feelings recently. Stuffed 'em. Just numb. I'm okay with that. They eventually come back.
Like today. I've been laying around, eating and resting in inappropriate amounts, and watching YouTube, Netflix, and T.V. The news came on.
You know this ain't going to go well.

A story in Seattle involved a cyclist suing the city, claiming it's new Light Rail tracks are a hazard. This is rich. A bike Nazi being pissy about the Holy Grail of liberal fix-alls: Mass Transit. This is one of those "God, I hope they both lose" moments. But they never do. We taxpayers do.
The idiot cyclist doesn't have the common sense to cross tracks at a 90 degree angle to keep their tires from getting caught in the tracks. If you've seen the way these city bikers peddle their butts like maniacs, you're not surprised. I'm not picking that low-hanging-fruit, ripping a bunch of two wheeled, inconsiderate jackwagons. Their actions speak for them. No, I'm going to be constructive and help.

As a control group, consider the Seattle Police Department Bike Officers. They ride in similar conditions, for long periods of time, and have few accidents. Why? Two words: Training and accountability. If the average Seattle bike rider is in danger, here's the fix: Mandatory training. License their arrogant arses. And if they ride unlicensed or in an unsafe manner, fine them. Any funds collected can help pay for the city's silly choo choo trains.

Seriously, I rode a motorcycle in Seattle for nine years. I know how bad it can be. I also know that cops do not hesitate to ticket unsafe motorcyclists. I saw that plenty of times. Know what I never saw? A cop giving a bicyclist a ticket. Motorcyclists are held accountable. In my basic license course, it's taught to only cross railroad tracks at a 45-90 degree angle. So ask yourself: Are these cyclists just ignorant, and need training? Are they getting away with being above the law? Or are they suicidal a-holes?

A bicyclist actually died on those trolly tracks a year back. I am sympathetic. But whose fault is it, really? Is bike safety training not available? In a city of high-tech geniuses, they can't figure out what happens when a one inch tire falls into a two inch deep rut? The real tragedy here is that it's always someone else's fault, right? This is Darwinism. And we don't need to be paying folks that are too stupid to watch where they are going.


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