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Another publication! (mature topics)

Well, I had an interesting weekend. Rattle, a large and popular poetry magazine, has an online series called "Poets Respond" where poets write and submit a poem about a news event within the week that event occurs. On Sunday, they publish their favorite poem from the submissions. I've been published for this series once before (http://www.rattle.com/poetry/unsigned-mothers-day-card-by-bayleigh-fraser/). Well, this past Sunday my poem was selected again! That's two publications from Rattle! (They were one of my dream magazines when I first started trying to get published.)

The reason I describe this as an "interesting" experience is because of the poem I submitted. The news event I was responding to was about these phallic sex toys that someone had thrown over the power lines in Portland. I have never written a poem using any kind of phallic image, lol. I have never written a poem using the word "dildo." In that way, I felt like I was pushing myself, so to have it accepted and published was pretty awesome. Plus, I got paid for it. Then I remembered that my mother would probably be reading this...

Anyway, here it is:

Still doing my happy dance! :cool:


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