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Another Finger on The Scale

I don't know how many of you saw this little turd deposited in our societal punchbowl:


No, this wasn't posted on The Onion. It was in The Wall Street Journal.
This stuff is both asinine, and scary at the same time. It seems each day that we are inching closer to being finished as a functional, sane society.

Personally, I'm not willing to give up on the concept of a Republic / meritocracy. But it seems like more and more people are. They are pursuing this effing Unicorn of every-single-person-in-the-world being equal. Hate to break it to you princess, but no one is equal. We all have different strengths, different backgrounds and different goals.
But that soon collapses into that nebulous "opportunity" singularity. Once you enter that event horizon, there is no escape. SURE, everyone should have the same 'opportunities'. But we don't. That's just a fact. Too damn bad. Life sucks, buy a helmet.

Yet for those drawn into this ultra-dense trap of moral righteousness, time stands still. It's always 1965, with southern white men sic-ing attack dogs on poor black men. Fire hoses, segregation. This, despite the fact that women and "people of color" are better paid and educated than any time in human history. Christ, more women graduate with a degree than men. But "progressives" still look to 50 year old solutions to 21st Century problems.

There is still a gap between the percentage of "people of color" graduating and white folk. The sane thing to rectify this would be to build on current successes (better charter schools, mentorships etc). But NO. Anywhere there is a statistical discrepancy, the Social Justice Warriors must strike quickly and forcefully. Regardless of any collateral damage. Especially if the damaged kids are blameless white kids. They have that sin of "privilege", which is code for 'it's okay for reverse discrimination". Because we all know that two wrongs make a right.

Only two types of people believe in this tripe: Those that are truly and totally ignorant, and those that are vindictive and profit off of race-baiting.

In reality, all an "adversity score" will do is funnel more kids into a dysfunctional system that they are not prepared to succeed in. When (not if) many fail to graduate, another set of standards will be lowered to allow for a more "just" graduation rate. Then later, maybe their employment rate won't be identical, so private business will be forced to hire people with lower qualifications. Y'know, for "fairness".
I can't wait to live in a world where I drive to a doctor's office in a car designed by an engineer that can't do math, and I'm treated by a practitioner that had help with his tests.

I was the first in my family to attain a degree. But, I chose to work in primarily blue-collar jobs. I did quite well, even if I still have to get my hands dirty quite often. My kids are on the working-class track as well. They don't have to have a degree to "succeed". No child does.
But that's the lie we're sold. And those providing Education Salvation will sell your kids into debt servitude, and provide a degree fit only for sanitary use in an outhouse.

Yeah, the system is broken. And "fixes" like an Adversity Score only make it worse.


everything comes down to luck.. the sperm that got through..your parents..the people you meet along the way
.the choices you make...without look all you have is determination,ability,.etc...
So that you understand Winston why they made that decision let me explain to you the research.Poor people in general perform worse because of lack of money. This is not a conspiracy of any sort by any President especially with who is inside the white house. That's my opinion and it is not a colored movement. It targets people with lower income because people who are rich usually go to good schools according to sociology of education. Why ? Because they perform better. Maybe the study continued and they have determined that parents of low social economic background can't get their son to enter a good school. Ideally this would benefit any race. It would benefit people whose family were not well to do. There is some logic that is missing by the journalist but there is evidence and I chose not to be a school teacher because of disease and this is a fact. But remember this is not on a whim. The rationale exists because I know this fact is true.

A sample theory could be maslow's hierarchy of needs. It is a popular theory to learn for teachers. It's application and compensatory strategies are for example to encourage the student. Emotional intelligence has been studied. Good and competing needs are at the bottom of the pyramid. People drop out of school because they need a job. Imagine if you will the homeless who rarely go to school. It's a evil situation that helps their children.

Motivation is key in school it is not just intelligence that gets you there.

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