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Another dream in the night.

"Hey, Jadon!" Called a woman's voice on my left.

I had been sound asleep. Was it a dream? Scared me out of my wits. I looked at the clock. Almost four AM.

Why did it sound so familiar?

It was, as if, in the brief moment I was still asleep, I knew who it was that called me. But the very thing I knew was forgotten as soon as my eyes opened.

I remember a form, but no face. As if I was visualizing the voices owner, despite facing the opposite direction on my right shoulder. I remember that I heard the words, but don't recall how they sounded. It was a normal voice... not distorted or monstrous...

Was it an old woman? Or a young girl? Someone my age?

Why would I have dreamed of something like that? Why would it wake me up?

I didn't go back to sleep.

As scary as it was, I almost wish I had kept dreaming. To just... see who it was.


A long time ago (I must have been eighteen or so) I had the craziest dream ever.

I was visualizing, in the style of the dark force from Evil Dead, some form of entity barreling through every room of my house. It made its way down the steps to my room in the basement, and it literally exploded into my room.

I awoke violently, covered in sweat and paralyzed with fear. There was what appeared to be the shadow of a figure some eight feet tall being cast upon the foot of my bed. I laid motionless for what seemed like a whole minute, heart racing, just looking at it (although it could have been seconds).

It disappeared after that time frame. I stayed there thinking about had just happened. I looked at the clock to see it was only like 10:45 or some shit.

I went upstairs and saw my aunt. I told her what happened and she went to the basement with me to look in my room.

It was 80 degrees outside but my room felt like a meat locker.

Against the wall behind my headboard was a bureau, and on top of the bureau was a pillow. When we inspected the room with the lights on, the pillow was jammed against the wall like someone had punched it, all the way in the far corner of my room (an impressive fifteen feet or so).

Remember the shadow at the foot of the bed?

It could only have been cast by someone standing directly in front of the bureau and just behind my bed... where the pillow was.

If anyone in the world asks me if I believe in ghosts, I tell them that story.

It is an honest firsthand account and one of the most frightening moments of my life.
In situations like that, I tend to just put my headphones in, pull the covers over my head, and face the wall.

"Not today, not today."

"Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope."

"Nope, definitely didn't hear that."

"F*** that."

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