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another day...

You know… sometimes I wake up really early (well, not that early) but early, and I ‘m nervous. Not shaking-nervous or anything, but anxious, like unsettled/can’t-just-sit-for-long. So I go to work…

I know I’m going to be there too early, but it’ll give me a chance to get out. Anything’s better than sitting, watching the clock.

I started eating cigars maybe a week ago. That's instead of my banana muffin. They spell it ‘Sigar’. I wonder if the Cambodians (Kampucheans?) get the name reference? It’s the shape. They’re basically a rolled up, crackly donut; sort of croissant-like, but harder, with a lot of sugar, and big-around as a donkey-, eh, never mind.

I know… I shouldn’t, but…

If I eat enough of them my arteries will look like that on the inside: packed. Wonderful.

No crazies there today. They used to have several, two girls in particular. One would just put her face down, and sleep al, the time; the other sort of scared me. She would sit, or stand, like, right there, available (for what, who fucking knows…), young, not bad-looking, but totally street wearing a hoodey. I know they got a game. They always have a game and I don’t know what it is, so I stay away. There was a guy with her, one time, a guy like her, outside. Maybe they roll people, right? Who knows? He could hide somewhere…

The last time I saw her she stood right in the doorway, like look at me… say something.

I did not. I bought my stuff and I left, careful to not make eye-contact. I had to pass right next to her. I probably didn't breathe.


the Kampucheans that own the place must’ve run them off.

Okay, that’s good, I guess…

That’s in the city, and Topanga pretty soon goes from being Boulevard to Canyon road.


I hate the fucking city. I hate fucking people. I just need the Open Road. We just wanna be free… wanna be free to ride our machines without being hassled by the man… Yeah, go Peter. Okay, I’m just kidding. I still love you.

Hang on… There’s someone outside in the street. From the sounds they’re up to something. I go out and look and they’re driving like an idiot. It’s a small car and a wide cul-de-sac yet they’re doing a five-pointer, a six-pointer…

It’s amazing what you see out there.

I think what it is, is a lack of feedback; you know, someone to tell them: Well, this how you should do this. But, whatever, some people never learn how to swim, or ride a bike. I consider it bad parenting. Take offense, but that’s my opinion.

Driving is a life-skill and you should learn how to do it well because it can save your life. People do dumb stuff; make bad moves.

Just this morning some moron turned left in front of me as I was going down P.C.H. I had to hit the brakes. I mean geesus… the road is basically empty at that time; had my headlights on doing 60, and the guy turns right in front of me?

I didn’t bother to honk; didn’t bother to get angry, just… (sigh) Okay.

No feedback. That’s the problem.

Time to go to work. Bye.


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