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Another Day In The Neighborhood

........ Well, this past day and a half have been amazing! I finally have had a poetry breakthrough from my blockage. It seems that the dam has broken and the waters are welling out in a torrent. I have been able to plug into the creative process with relative ease. I am opening clean pages and the words are forming lines and stanzas almost as if on their own. I've opened the thesaurus and rhymer and verses are flowing. It's almost as if they been hiding in the recesses of my mind all along and they are finally coming out from behind the woodwork.

Oh, you can be sure I've had to tussle and tangle, scratch my head many a time, but it has just been one of several days in a row things are just coming together. I've turned off my phone, plugged in the coffee pot and just thanked the writer's God that he has blessed me this reprieve from muddled uninspired brain blockage.

Hallelujah! :coffeescreen:


I finally have had a poetry breakthrough from my blockage.

It's the most amazing feeling when all the words that were corked in your mind flow onto the page.

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