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Animation vs Live-Action

Would it be better if more movies were animated instead of live-action?

There's a strong desire for people to see things in live action, and that includes me. But on some level I think it actually does a disservice to the concept that's being put on display.

For one, due to technological limits and budget restraints, there is an issue with sloppy delivery, cut material, or flat out revisions to the original concept. With animation this is not an issue. At least, not nearly as much. You don't need excessively expensive budgets to pull of special effects and surreal actions and environments can be brought to life with precision...for pennies on the dollar.

I think the main gripe about animation would be the prejudice that animation is for kids. I think certain types of animation, surely, is more for kids, but I also think that if there was a stronger appreciation for animation in the adult community than the artistry of animation would, likewise, evolve to a more sophisticated level. CGI is a form of "digital animation", and it seems to be in the process of brushing up it's clunky appearance, but there's promise along those lines as well.

Further, because the animated version requires much less money I think Hollywood would actually stomach trying out new forms of entertainment and story-telling since the risk for loss isn't so great. I'm certainly not calling for a replacement of live-action, but I think animation might just be an untapped resource unfairly limited to children. In the right hands...with the right vision...an animated version of some of the most lauded material- like "Breaking Bad" could leave us speechless.


You are no doubt correct, on all counts. Let's add more animation to more artificial intelligence, so we can do away with even more people. I've no objection. The human race seems in need of replacing.

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