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An eventful week...

So this wek has been a good one, firstly I was made a mentor on here, which I am over the moon with. Secondly finances seem to be falling back into place after what seems like an eternity of being all over the spot. My hours at work have become more manageable, which means I have more time to spend with the loves of my life, my boyfriend and my writing.

Yes I am feeling more and more positive as January continues.

I am feeling hopefully again and I hope that everyone else is enjoying January, how's your month going so far?


Enjoy the mentorship. I myself ended up resigning from the position, after expressing sincere appreciation for the opportunity. Reason being, I don't think I'm good enough and have plenty of learning to do myself, and (bad as it may sound) I couldn't bring myself to welcome to new members to the forum, or give critique often enough to meet the expectation.

Tend to be selfish in that respect. Always more worried about myself, and my writing.

Ohwell. Anyway, congratulations! People like you are what make this place go 'round, and do volunteer work such as putting up with people like me.

I wouldn't say my month is going well, but more or less I feel good about it because my outlook on life is slowly changing for the better. I still have a court-date to [try and not] be worried about, traffic ticket. Working five days a week, eight hours a day is never easy or enjoyable in my opinion, but I also know it could be worse (was just a day away from working at Wendy's before getting this job through my uncle).

At least I got my tax returns yesterday. Haven't looked at them yet, but it's something.

I enjoy helping when I can, I've always wanted to be a teacher. So I suppose being a mentor on here is kinda like that...so maybe Im being selfish also lol.
Thank you.
I am happy for you that your outlook is changing. :) Fingers crossed it's not too bad for you, yeah hospitality and childrens playarea jobs are a pain being on your feel all day working long hours it can suck but after being on the dole and jobless for the first time in five years is definatly worse.

Tax returns are amazing. :)
Congrats on becoming a mentor! Definitely deserved!

I suppose January can be written off slightly as its exams up until the 25th. Revision is hadly fun but I accept that its something I signed up for to get my degree. However, I feel really good about the year in general. Writing is coming along well when I get time to do it, life is good, uni and hockey are fun so can't really complain.

Glad things are going well for you! Jam :)
Good luck Jam I hope everything goes well for your exams its a stressful time but there will cone a day when you wont have to sit anymore. It's all worth that graduation at the end.

Thank you.

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