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Amazing scene in Barkton;

I'm trying to pluck up the courage to return to A&E, worried about my arm. Couldn't believe how busy that place get's and by 5.00.pm i'd had enough, gave up and headed back to the bus-terminal via morrison's for some cheap booze and a lotto ticket. Please! If any super being not of this world happened to see me.I'm not asking for millions.

Well, anyway, as i arrived at the bus stop i could see a bunch of young lads, teenagers i'd say, congregating with their backs to the front of a building with a high glass front, employment agency i think. Suddenly a young woman came bursting out, trying to look important. Intending to move them on.

"Hello lads, everything okay?"
"Yeah, we're Pokemon-hopping."
At least that is what i thought he said.
"Oh is there one out here?"
She replied turning all giggly and sounding quite chuffed. Then turned about face and left them to it. It made her day i reckon.

It really is another world isn't it. Harmless enough i suppose.

The things you see.


Life eh?

Apparently it's referred to as " Pokemon stopping ". Well i don't know.


Pokemon go! They are all playing it. It's using your phone to see pokemon in the environment around you, sort of virtual reality overlapping in authentic space and time. The phone has a map of the space in front of you and you can see the pokemon on you're phone and you try to capture or battle with them.
As an 80's baby, it looks really weird.

It's like seeing everyone but you jacked into some invisible video game. Reminded me of those creepy first moments when bluetooth first came out and I saw people who looked like they were having this loud conversation with themselves...
Sounds pretty cool. Not that i want to go there.

I read a story about a school teacher somewhere who'd quit his job to concentrate on pokemon go. Apparently he's selling his account, whatever that means, for up to seven grand a time. Sure beats working for a living.

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