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[Airsoft] Half Day 08/19/2017

I mentioned last time that the heat out here can be brutal, so the local field hosted a half day instead of a full day. Travis and I were the only members of Easy out there today, and we rolled green again. It's easier than trying to get people to recognize our tan kits for, well, tan kits.

The first round consisted of a tank escort--that's right, a tank escort. The field owner runs a go-cart that's kitted out to look like a small tank. It's got an air cannon that fires nerf balls and a coaxial LMG. The turret doesn't swivel, of course, but it's maneuverable enough that it doesn't need to.

The object of the round was for one team to escort the tank along one of the roads that runs through the field. In order for the tank to move, it had to have at least one friendly standing near it. Since there was no AT available, the rules were set so that it couldn't engage enemy forces.

We started out on the defending team. Travis and I set up in a patch of brush far forward of our spawn point, about halfway between the tank's starting position and Crossroads, and we saw the tank come up the road with a gaggle of escorts surrounding it. They spotted Travis early and took him out, but I was able to stay hidden until they entered my kill radius and I wiped out at least eight of them to start, then a few more when the medics came forward. They eventually got me, though, one guy versus an entire army and all that.

Travis and I returned to our spawn point and decided we were going to flank around the back of the buildings in Crossroads. This started out okay, until we got lit up by a jumpy kid who decided to shoot first and IFF (identify friend/foe) later. I got him to come out and medic me, admonished him for not properly checking his targets, then medic'd Travis, and we moved forward to medic another guy, Wilson, who'd also been lit up by friendly fire.

Wilson warned us about a group of enemies that had flanked around our rear and set up in some thick brush about fifty yards away from Crossroads. We came up with a plan to out-flank their flank, and headed down the road leading to trenches. On the way, we encountered a group of friendlies who were sitting in the middle of the road, and I asked them what they were doing.

"We're setting up an ambush."

"In the middle of the road?"

I ordered them to get out of the middle of the road and into the trees on either side, and to conceal themselves in the thicker brush. To my surprise, they actually followed my instructions, and we later heard them giving the approaching escort a bit of hurt. Airsoft guns aren't as loud as their real steel counterparts, but they're loud enough.

Wilson, Travis, and I pushed forward and hooked up with a kid named Ravenwood, who'd had a similar idea. We moved around the enemy position, then set up a pincer trap. Wilson and Ravenwood went around behind them and attempted to push them into Travis' and my guns. Fortunately, the enemies weren't prepared to move, and they just lay there while Wilson and Ravenwood tore them up.

Hey, victories where you can get them, right?

We managed to flank back around Crossroads and get behind the enemy escort, but the game was called before we could figure out what we were going to do with our advantage. The two forces swapped roles, and we found ourselves in charge of escorting the tank.

Ravenwood attached himself to us for the escort round, and we let the main body of our faction deal with the tank. One of our guys, Nabholz, took a couple of guys and went to flank the southeastern corner of Crossroads while I took Travis and Ravenwood and set out to hit the northwestern corner. While we were moving, I thought we'd moved deeper than we had, and we almost tried to flank too early.

Luckily, we ran into and took out an enemy observer, and I was able to get my bearings. Unfortunately, I lost Travis when we moved across the road into the woods north of Crossroads. Ravenwood and I pushed east and ran into a heavy firefight. We were about to take out the enemy combatants when the game was called. I'm not 100% certain, but I think we'd won it.

Either way, the day was over for me, since I had to work. Travis recommended offering Ravenwood a place on the team, and he accepted our offer, bringing our total active members to seven. We also exchanged info with Wilson's guys, and we're probably going to end up working together more often in the future.

Not bad for a couple hours of play.


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