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[Airsoft] Guns of Azerbaijan

Got home from an airsoft event called Guns of Azerbaijan yesterday afternoon. My team (Easy Tactical Solutions) hooked up with Iron Sledge Airsoft to form 1st Squad for the Black Dogs mercenary company led by a guy called Deuce. Our mission gave us 24 hours to insert into the AO, secure weapons and ammunition from an arms factory on the border between Russia and Azerbaijan, and get them to our buyer. A private military contractor called Graycell sent a company out to assist the Azerbaijan National Police in defending the plant and thwarting our heist.

TLDR: We managed to secure the weapons and a bonus package, meet the driver, and hold off a Graycell ambush long enough to exfil. We won the game, haha.

From left to right, Doc, Collins, myself, and Blade posing for an ETS team pic in the parking lot after the game.

You can't really see it that well in the black and white photo, it kind of looks like a caduceus in the light, but this is the emblem I created for the team. We all wear it somewhere on our person, haha.

Anyway, here's the long version of events from this weekend:

We reached our first CCP (casualty collection point) at approximately 2:15PM local time and were immediately set upon by units from Graycell, who'd, as we later found out, set up their own CCP maybe 500 yards away to the east. Our objectives were the arms plant, about a quarter mile to the north of our location, and a four-story building called Objective Bear about 100 yards behind the Graycell encampment. Our company commander hadn't shown up yet, so I sent 2nd and 3rd Squads north to secure the plant and took my boys east toward Bear. We were forced back by heavy resistance, and we ended up returning to the CCP, where we finally hooked up with Deuce.

I apprised Deuce of the situation at hand and he called all of the units back to the CCP to debrief and plan another angle of attack. He sent 3rd Squad to capture Bear and planned for 1st and 2nd Squads to return to the arms plant. I gathered my guys and struck out north, avoiding the roads in favor of rougher terrain through the woods. A firefight broke out at the CCP almost as soon as we'd left, so we got out of there as quickly as we could.

The plant was unguarded when we arrived. Graycell had set a booby trap under an objective in one of the main buildings that injured four of the six of us, but I managed to medic them and get them back in the game. We found the coordinates for pieces of a dirty bomb, the control unit and the canister itself, and a thorough search of the plant revealed an underground section where a cache of weapons was stored. Nick and Matt moved them to the woods, then we contacted Deuce and sat down to wait. The wait was uneventful except for an incident of sniper fire that put me down until Doc could medic me.

When Deuce arrived at the plant, we showed him the concealed weapons cache and he had us carry it into the plant itself, a mistake that would soon prove costly for us. Graycell was five minutes behind Deuce, and they surrounded us. We didn't know it at the time, but 3rd Squad had abandoned us, left the AO and headed home. We were down 13 men and Deuce had only brought three with him, leaving us with ten men against thirty. Graycell entered the plant, though not without resistance, and wiped us out. The cache was left sitting in the middle of the now heavily-defended arms factory.

Fortunately, that left our objective at Bear open. Graycell moved their CCP to an area just outside of the plant, and we moved our CCP into a fort approximately 100 yards north of Bear. Nils and his team took the town, and elements of 1st and 2nd Squads secured it. At approximately 12:30AM, Deuce called for those of us not on security details to saddle up, and we headed for the arms plant to recover the weapons cache in darkness.

We came out of the trees and quickly overwhelmed the sparse patrols on the outskirts of the plant. Unfortunately, Graycell had been waiting for such an attack, and they had lights on us almost immediately. That didn't stop us from pushing forward, using the darkness as cover and slipping into the center of the compound in the confusion. Many of us took fire and went down. Doc, whose rifle had gone down in the early hours of the game, rushed into the fray despite not being able to return fire, playing medic for the entire company. In the end, we retreated, leaving a small group of isolated soldiers inside the compound.

I returned to Objective Bear and pulled security for the stairs while my guys slept, then got some sleep myself. When I woke up around 6:00 in the morning, I learned that one of our guys had sat in the plant until around 4:00, snuck past sleeping Graycell soldiers, and had single-handedly secured the weapons cache and dragged it out of the plant, then left it for us to retrieve in the morning. We did so without a fight. Graycell hadn't even been aware of the weapons, or of their absence. To sweeten the pot, two of our guys had found the control board and canister for a dirty bomb at G16 and L16, and secured those pieces south of Bear.

With a few hours left before we could contact our buyer, we hauled the weapons up to the fourth floor of Objective Bear. Elements of 1st and 2nd Squads were tasked with defending the building, and I took charge of the operation. We stationed shooters in a few of the buildings around Bear, and set false trip wires and set up murder holes using the slats between the stairs in the building. When Graycell finally rolled through from the northeast, we were ready for them.

Collins and Garcia opened up as the Graycell soldiers entered their field of fire, taking out a couple but succumbing to sheer numbers as Graycell cleared their buildings. They cleared the other buildings with ease, and I managed to get two of them from the third story of Bear while they were inspecting the building across the way. They immediately returned fire, but couldn't hit us. I strafed along the back of the building to hide myself from view and put down two spotters, one in the second story and one in the third story of the building across the way. Several soldiers entered our building, and we managed to chop them up using the murder holes. Unfortunately, one soldier got through our traps and managed to stick a grenade through the stairs and between Tim's feet. Tim took off up the stairs, I've never seen a man move so fast, and I headed the opposite way and slid under the tripwire to the landing below. The grenade went off, but both of us were unharmed. We resumed our positions, and dropped a few grenades of our own.

Ultimately, the size of the opposing force was enough to drive all four of us into the top of the building. Tim and I took up position on the stairs and blasted anyone who turned the corner. We were eventually shot, but Blade and Ben took our weapons off us and held the floor until the cavalry arrived.

A smoke grenade went off at the entrance of the town and Deuce and the rest of the Black Dogs poured into the area, chopping up what remained of the Graycell soldiers and securing Bear. Tim and I respawned, retrieved our weapons, and provided security as we moved the weapons cache and the pieces of the dirty bomb to our CCP, then to the buyer's vehicle.

The buyer took his sweet time verifying that everything was good to go, and gave Graycell plenty of time to get into position and ambush the deal. We managed to fend them off long enough to get the weapons to the buyer's truck, and secured our own exfiltration, earning ourselves a payday and subjecting Graycell to a bitter loss. I doubt it hurt them too much, other than the loss of personnel and materiel. They'll probably be back sooner than you'd think.

All-in-all, a great weekend, very relaxing despite all of the physical activity and pucker factor moments. Red Fox Games is a great AO, and I'm looking forward to getting back out there. One of the things about the sport that I enjoy is getting to know people and making good friends. I know that after the shootout at Objective Bear, Vagabond (another team) and Easy Tactical will likely work together again. I've often said we're just LARPers with guns, but, with all that, at the end of the day, we're all friends, and, win or lose, friendlies or enemies, we all share the same sense of integrity and commitment, a love of each other and of our chosen sport.

What more can you ask for?


I used to play paintball. Capture the Flag was a lot simpler. Although, the 68 caliber paintballs could hurt just a little.
Still, good tactics is good fun. Thanks for sharing. And welcome back.
Winston;bt10096 said:
I used to play paintball. Capture the Flag was a lot simpler. Although, the 68 caliber paintballs could hurt just a little.
Still, good tactics is good fun. Thanks for sharing. And welcome back.

Airsoft's a little less messy and a little less expensive, haha. We've got minimum engagement distances for safety's sake; depending on how much force your gun's putting out, you're required to be up to 100 feet away from someone before you can shoot them. I prefer to be up close and personal, so I had my own rifle reconfigured so that I wouldn't have a minimum distance.

Getting hit can be painful, but if people respect their MEDs, you generally don't get more than a welt.

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