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Ahnold mechanized

[FONT=.SF UI Display][FONT=.SFUIDisplay-Semibold]An Internet interesting lead leads me to a story told by a mechanical voice.[/FONT]
[FONT=.SF UI Display][FONT=.SFUIDisplay-Semibold]
I can't do it.

Someday the door will open and a droid will ask for Sarah Conner. I will answer that It's not a toomuh, without so much as a blink, back. Not even a blink, as the gun raises.

I, however, may wince. [/FONT][/FONT]



They said on the radio yesterday they're trying outlaw autonomous killer robots.
Been around for years..cash machines have brought humans together and ready to kill another...
Dude, when the machines take over, don't flatter yourself thinking that they'll be making house calls.
They'll just stop the food and fuel from being distributed. Most folks will simply curl into the fetal position and slowly starve.
But feel free to take an axe to an ATM, or a bat to your modem. Or put a bag over your head and lie on the floor. It won't make a difference.

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