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After a few days of nothing...

So after a few days of not much happening in my world because of being flat bound, yesterday I was taken outside...

This was such an amazing feeling after being cooped up so long but it was defiantly challenging. It is annoying (don't you think) when you loose even a small part of your independence due to illness or injury that it has to be celebrated when you regain it again step by step. So back to yesterday and why it was special, I was taken to Hull in England to meet an author that I have been reading since I was in college; Rachel Caine the author of The Morganville Vampires, Weather Wardens and her newest adventure The great Library. Now I enjoy seeing authors but what makes each meeting special is getting to hear the authors point of view of their own works, characters and getting to know how they tick. I also think it is very informative to hear the questions that are put forward by the fans of these books or other authors works.

This Q and A session was not disappointing. (This was the second time that I have attended a meeting with Rachel Caine.) There was a rich range of questions asked from the small stuff such as character creation to the heavier stuff such as publication. I was particularly intrigued with how she found the time to write three different series alongside each other to allow her to be a professional author and have it as her sole source of income (now she did state it was only because she was very lucky.) Each of her series have each been successful in their own right, however the one that grabbed me was her Morganville Vampires who live in the middle of the Texas desert. In a small community bound by secrets and a struggle for power between humans and vampires until a shy young girl gets caught up in it all. Such a fantastic series even at fifteen books long.

Below are some pictures from the event (should have taken more ooopps):
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Is there an author that you would love to meet?
And if you could meet any author dead or alive who would it be and why?


That's awesome. You're a lucky, lucky lady. I'll put her name on my To-read List.

Personally, I can't meet my favourite author. Margaret Gibson passed away. She's relatively unknown and "she's trying to sound like Margaret Atwood"--which is complete bullocks.

I did manage to find an autographed copy of Opium Dreams on eBay, so that's good.
It was good, I really enjoy meeting writers. I look out for when they come to the UK I have meet a few authors whose works I have greatly enjoyed but sadly some I will never get go meet. So I try to make up for that by seeing all those I can :)

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