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After 24 hours, . . .

James Hercules Sutton;1973880 said:
Marianne Moore Mitigating Loss.

Work that remains unfinished lurks in the mind
to haunt the heart, like an aborted foetus.
Poets prefer to speak of roads not taken,
but roads that lead from nothing to nowhere are more
like driving in fog. If any antidote exists
for regret or remorse, it’s knowing that these, too,
dissipate either in sunshine or strong wind.
Knowing that ev’ry trip adds something
to the hand now on the wheel teaches the heart
to be brave; trains the mind to anticipate peril;
prompts the eye facing uncertain vistas
to rely on light. Knowing serves to reminds us
that learning to drive with skill is more important
than any route or any destination.


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